Why Rotarians Join and Stay

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PP Cecilia Larita

Jack Cu
RC Pasay Cyber City
Chair Youth Service
Past President; Treasurer

“I treasure every moment of my Rotary life, the friendship, the fellowship, and to be of service to change lives. I love Rotary, especially when I become a Club All Star President. During that year, we formed a group called Rotarians Against Child Exploitation, which is aimed at protecting the children against all forms of harm, abuses, and exploitation. If I could advice myself in my younger years, I will tell everyone to invest early in Rotary life. For Rotary is Service Above Self is friendship, is learning, is professional development and having an extended family.”

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Lheez Khan
RC Tondo Manila
District Assistant Secretary
Club Treasurer

“My favorite Rotary moment is when we do service projects.  I experience a sense of fulfillment. To serve above self brings inner joy. Serving my fellow human being makes me happy. I realized my love for what I do in Rotary when I see a smile in every new people I meet that eventually became an inspiration in my life. If I could advice my younger self, as a new Rotarian starting out in Rotary I will tell myself, “you made the right choice in joining Rotary.”

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Marie Rose Delos Reyes
RC of Mamburao Central
District Area Director

“Rotary is an organization of business and professional person united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vacations and help build peace and goodwill to the world. The meaning itself attracted me to be a member of the club. When I became a member there are a lot of realizations why I will stay a member in my lifetime.

Rotary wheel has been very attractive to me even in my younger years. I vividly remember, I got my first new umbrella when I joined the song writing contest that the Rotary Club of San Jose sponsored. I also got the first place in the drawing contest again sponsored by Rotary Club of San Jose when I was in first year. I was awarded PhP100.00. In 2004, I was invited to attend a Rotary club meeting in San Jose. After three meetings and fellowships, I stopped for some reasons. Although I did not join the Rotary Club here in San Jose, my love for the purpose of this club remains. I said to myself, I can find the right people who will initiate me to serve the purpose of this club. Finally in 2012, I was invited by Rotary Club of Mamburao Central by President Elison “Sonny” Girao. I committed as a member. I attended RLI and graduated 2013. I actively joined the different activities of the Rotary. I was supposed to be scheduled as President in 2016-2017 but due to the resignation of our WCP President my being the president of the Rotary Club of Mamburao Central was advanced in 2015-2016. I served 2 terms.

The most memorable event among the many activities we had happened when I was the WCP President. Our project was one of the minority school in Mamburao. The services rendered to them were those they needed most. As we reached out to the leaders within their minority group, we learned and managed to give the services accorded to their group. I was at the forefront from the beginning of our project and keep in contact afterwards in order to keep a long and lasting relationship with them. Reaching out to their leaders make them more confident to engage as well. The benefits the community experience are worth it. Nothing makes a minority feel more important than when people are actually interested in their culture. This made me appreciative and made me felt once more that good deeds need not take much time or cost any money.

I first realized I love what I do in the Rotary is the simple philosophy which is make friends in your own community and throughout the world. A meaningful life isn’t found but created through our actions, and it starts with looking for ways to help others.

If I could advise my younger self when I was a new Rotarian starting out I must say “Dear self, giving connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone. And it’s not all about money-we can also give our time, ideas and energy….start NOW.”

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Marilou Flores Salazar
RC Pasay Southeast
Past President

“My most favorite Rotary moment is when I joined the club’s medical mission held at Madalag,Aklan when I was the president in Rotary Year 2013-2014. I enjoy fellowship among Rotarians because it strengthens my relationship with my fellow Rotary presidents and the Rotary members. Serving the poor and the unfortunate is what I enjoy most and find fulfillment in my heart. I am thankful to be part of my club and the community that we serve for it allows me to fulfill my passion. As a new Rotarian in my younger years, I will advise everyone not to be afraid in joining Rotary. Do your best and be confident in every responsibility assigned. Helping others make me proud to be a Rotarian.”

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LCP Renz Marion Logatoc
RC Pasay Coral Way

“This is from a young Rotarian and a new Club President’s stand.

I joined Rotary because it will provide me a better platform to work with individuals who have the same purpose as mine in helping and making a difference to change lives.

I believed, combined efforts and goals will give us the result we are looking for. As a person extending  helping hands, doing what is right and good will harvest a peaceful and fruitful life.

This is a great opportunity for me to serve and change lives through Rotary.”

renz logatoc



Rita Quizon
RC Rosario
Past President

“I joined Rotary in the year 2004. That was the time when the governor of District 3810 was Past District Governor Joel Tinitigan, an illustrious past president of our club, the Rotary Club of Rosario. He was a hands-on and committed Rotarian officer for which reason I became engrossed in Rotary.

During my term as president of our club, the Rotary Club of Rosario, our club undertook so many projects, notwithstanding, the frolic activities that members enjoyed much. To mention a few of these projects were: Clean Up, Tree Planting, Embrace the Children, Anti-TB Drive, Free ECG & FBS, Medical Mission, Book Giving, and Weekly Feeding.

Of so many projects undertaken, it was in the weekly feeding program I first realized I love what I was doing in Rotary.

I vividly remember while I was walking heading to office, two skinny school children approached me and said “Ma’am thank you for giving us food in school. We go to school without having breakfast.” I was sad hearing this but at the same time I felt happy knowing that the feeding program we were undertaking was really of help to these children. The children long to go to school so that they can eat.

While we were feeding the school children, we really could see that they were very hungry. They went to school not taking their breakfast or lunch. Most of them would come back and asked for the second or even third servings. Knowing that the feeding program is of help to the poor school children I suggested to the club to undertake feeding three times a week. It was positively approved by the club.

There were more than fifty projects undertaken during my term as president of the club. These projects were of help to the people of Rosario more especially the poor. Knowing that the projects undertaken were really of help to the people, I came to love what I was doing in Rotary.”

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