Why I Joined Rotary

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LCP Ruby Alferos

It was the Rotary signage of the Four-Way Test that caught my attention when I set foot in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, as the signage was imprinted in front of our new residence. I am from Quezon City and decided to settle here in San Jose where my husband lives.

The first time I saw the Rotary signage I was elated as I chose the right place to raise my family as I have my reservation being away with my parents and being the youngest among the 7 siblings and a close child to my buddy father. I thought the signage was from the LGU as the community was guided by these four values and later on found out that it is a motto of an elite members of the community, hence I got discouraged.

Our professional chapter was tapped by this Rotary Club to help them conduct one of their project. I joined the other Dentists thinking that it will be an opening ground to know more about Rotary but then nobody among the club members asked us to join the club. Years have passed and our Chapter was their club partners in rendering community service but still no one invited us to join.

Along the way, a co-worker from the DepEd invited me to attend the fellowship of that club but I declined the invitation since I know I am not fit to be a member of the said club. The one who invited me was so persistent and after five attempts I heeded to her plea. There was a change of leadership and this time the crowd is a little bit relaxing and friendly. What amazed me was the fellowships and camaraderie among the members, hence they got my affirmation.

Orientation was done after three meetings and three years after, I was nominated to be the PE but I declined it due to the transfer of workplace where eventually I would not be able to perform my duties and I could not get the support of my husband.

After six years, I was assigned back to my hometown and became active again in Rotary. As the saying goes…”A Rotarian will always be a Rotarian”. And for the second time I was nominated me as the President Elect. Leadership is not by choice and I have this reservation of leading with diverse members but then one cannot be a true Rotarian if she/he does not become a president, so I accepted the challenge to lead our club.

During the club planning and budgeting, the club agreed that a mini organic garden and poultry raising will be given to the former rebel returnees who have a halfway house at the Philippine Army Camp in Brgy Murtha, San Jose, Occ. Mindoro. This project of RC San Jose heeded the call of the government to participate in providing solutions to sustain and attain the everlasting peace in the countryside. The project has an acronym KASAGIP as Rotary Serve to Change Lives. This KASAGIP means K-aagapay sa pag S-ulong ng Agrikultura at Gulayan para sa mga I-ndigenous P-eople sa K-anlurang Mindoro. This is aligned to the RI seven Areas of Focus which will eventually benefit the rebel returnees/IPs alike.

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On the other hand the RAISER committed themselves to help raise fund for the project Zumba. This will help the Lady Rotarians and Anns to ease boredom and to be mentally and physically healthy in this time of pandemic.