Vision Care

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a tremendous effect on the lives of every Filipino.  Most have lost their jobs and some were left isolated and separated from their families.  The impact of this pandemic left other people in an uncertain blurry future and it  changed other people’s perspective on how life should be lived. This pandemic  produced potential risks on the health of every Filipino from infants to the elderly and  due to the implemented limited social interactions; people are left with the option of  working at home and homeschooling which means increased engagement on-screen  time disregarding now the recommended 2-hour screen time for both children and  adults. Living in a digital age, people now spend too many hours staring at screens of  phones, laptops, computers, and other gadgets that may cause eye strain or worse,  permanent vision damage. 

This situation inspired the Rotary Club of Ramon Magsaysay and Rotary Club of Baras  led by LCP Jason Pural and LCP Maricel Cawicaan, in partnership with Physician for  peace led by PDG Lyne Abanilla with coordination with SDG Leni Hao to initiate a  wellness program entitled Vision Care Project. Following all the protocols and  precautionary measures, the project was successfully conducted in Brgy. Evangelista  Basketball Gym, Baras, Rizal last August 2, 2021. The pandemic really challenged  and is still challenging us mentally, physically, and financially this is why this project  aimed to help save the sight of 50 children through an eye assessment for early eye  problem detection as well as giving 50 adults prescription glasses including an eye  refraction check-up in Baras, Rizal. 

As most people say, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” because our eyes are not  only important to see and feel someone’s soul but it is also important on how people  connect and perceive the world around us. Sight and vision are significant because  we use our eyes to efficiently and effectively work and see what we are doing. As to  students, to read the vital information for their learning and help them maintain the  sharpness of their minds. With this project, it provided the beneficiaries hope to see  things and continue pursuing their dreams and aspiration even with a blurred future  ahead of them brought by Covid-19. It somehow eases and encourages them to  confidently work and study in front of screens knowing that they have the tool to protect  their eyes.