Two Life Changing Kick Off Projects for the Families at Sitio Niyugan

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LCP Leila Madriaga

The Rotary Club of Cavite Centro family had its Kick-Off Projects to start the Life-Changing Year on July 1. Two significant projects were accomplished in the areas of Water and Sanitation and Protecting the Environment.

The RC Cavite Centro members and their families planted mahogany and fruit bearing trees and vegetables like lady finger, eggplant, and string beans in the Friendship Garden located in Paliparan, Dasmarinas, Cavite. The activity was participated by the families of the informal settlers who have settled near the creek in Sitio Niyugan of the same community. This pursuit aims to help these families produce healthy and nutritious food and eradicate starvation among urban settlers.

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Knowing that access to safe water is an absolute necessity for everyone around the world, and taking the issue of ensuring access to safe water requires a lot of effort.  In this regard, RC Cavite Centro took the initiative in providing water pipes to the families who spend 1-2 hours a day fetching water from a distant source. These 25 families who benefited from the water pipes were already hopeless of having access to safe water supply since they have been waiting for years for the intervention of the local barangay officers. They have shared that they have suffered from various diseases due to use of water unfit for human consumption and high cost of health care due to illness. The provision of safe water will enable these beneficiaries to make more productive use of their time and will yield significant health benefits.

Through the initiative of the RC Cavite Centro in the above endeavors it is expected that the recipients will be able to innovate creative processes that will involve open participation and interventions in their future projects that will respond to their needs.