TRF: The Charitable Arm of Rotary

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LCP Myla Tarriela

I did not know what The Rotary Foundation (TRF) prior to joining. I only hear the word TRF from people who represent this organization then  I gradually realized that as a member of Rotary International, it is good to give to a trustworthy organization. The money I donated also goes back to my club and as Life Changing President, our donation goes back grants like the District Grant and  Global Grant. In the few years I have been regularly donating, year after year as a sustaining and a Paul Harris Fellow, I thought of donating to the Endowment Fund as well during Transformational year and this year as a Major Donor . This is also a way for us to share the blessings that we have achieved and that God has given us continuously, through the TRF as the charitable arm of Rotary International.

Our club has been a regular recipient of District Grants. This year, we applied for a District Grant to donate two units of printer to Tambo  and Tabao Elementary School both in Ambil, Looc, Occidental Mindoro  and a hand washing facility to my alma mater, Looc National High School also in our hometown Looc. The printers will help the teachers for the modules that are needed for the new normal setting especially now that face-to-face is still not permitted. This is in line with the Area of Focus on Education, while the hand washing facility is in line with the Area of Focus of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene.

Aside from District Grants, our club has also received three Global Grants:

  • GG “Pulili, Buli Cabra Potable Water Project”
    This is a PhP 4Million potable water project in Pulili and Buli Cabra in the Municipality of Lubang, Occidental Mindoro. It is in partnership with RC Brighton Beach, RC Melbourne, RI District 9800, RI District 3810, SIBAT, Lubang LGU and The Rotary Foundation. It provides potable water to 4,000 individuals in the two barangays.

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  • GG #1415300 “Looc Renewable Energy Water and Sanitation Project”
    This project is in partnership with RC Melbourne and Brighton Beach of RI District 9800, RC Osaka, RI District 2660, RI District 3810,  SIBAT, Looc LGU and of The Rotary Foundation. This is an PhP 8 million project that provides potable water to 4,000 individuals in Brgy. Kanluran, Guitna and Bonbon. It is now being managed by Rotary Community Corp of Bonbon, Kanluran and Guitna.

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  • GG #2119485 “Medical Virus Test Immunization Mobile Van”
    This project is worth PhP 1,800,000.00 that provides a mobile van not only for COVID-19 vaccination but also for medical consultations and other vaccinations like, polio, and measles. The Mobile Van is turned over to Sa Jose District Hospital. Our International Partner is RC Melbourne, RI District 9800, RI District 3810 and The Rotary Foundation.

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