The Waves of Disturbance: A Tribute to Rotary Members 

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LCP Rowena Bato

Waves of disturbance is described as the transfer of energy progressively from point to point in a medium.

The month of August is the month for membership wherein each and every member  is celebrated to appreciate the impact they created to make a difference in the community or  even the world. As the Life Changing President of this year, I am proud to present our club roster ready to create the change we hoped to be.

There is the challenge to attract new members, but what comes down is your way on how  to make them believe on the cause. In this new era  where more young generation are willing to be part of the advocacy, little by little the  organization introduces club strategies by creating a core group that will challenge the  norm. People more inclined digitally to create awareness using the wonders of social media, in response to the restrictions caused by the world’s current pandemic.

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Be prepared to answer what is it that make  everyone stay in this organization, even though a huge portion of their time, effort and financial resources are consumed in every project. The answer is simple which is compassion. Every Rotarian understands that in life some are blessed to have more, that is why we reach out to make one’s way to show the true meaning of compassion by sharing that blessing and feel motivated every project

Part of making it more compelling to each member old or new is to ensure that each has a role to play in achieving the goals, or as we call it Governor’s Challenges and Citation list.  Club officers normally meet more frequent via Zoom to discuss and get the opinion of each  member on how to implement a certain project. This way their level of satisfaction is being  developed since everyone is asked to contribute an idea. One thing being noticed in Rotary  organization is the fellowship amongst members in different clubs, a testament that you see  each other as one.

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But how do you show that appreciation to a member who are selfless in giving their time and  resources expecting nothing in return but the smile in the face of their beneficiaries.
In the short period of time, I am part of the organization, I would like to say that, the best  compliment to describe a Rotarian is the title of this article

Each member who moves boundaries, integrate cultures differences, uncover talents, and  secure resources are the ones called Rotarians.

A Rotarian is the wave of disturbance that transfers energy to create hope, happiness, and affirmation that there are people in this world who cares and serves to change lives for the  better.