The Rise of Online Learning – Impact on Basic Education and Literacy 

LCP Luis R. Bognot
Rotary Club of Cavite-East 

Pandemic is the driver of the transformation which forced us to learn and work around the small machine i.e., laptop or tablet for 1.5 years. We have learned to work remotely and everything is accessible via world wide web. The online learning is not yet accepted by the majority prior to Covid19 crisis. However, in March 2020, all private entities and government agencies started to activate the business continuity plan (BCP) and so our education system.

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The BCP of our education system is not yet automated in all fronts but it is an opportunity now to evolve and enhance our systems and procedures and adapt to the new condition. Having said that, the literacy in our country is likely to improve because of easy access in education via online. Most schools are now transitioning to virtual learning portal and the basic requirements are connectivity and a gadget then you can now get your basic education remotely. Based on latest historical data, the functional literacy rate is @ 91.6% in 2019 (source: Phil Stats Office). The rate is high and the impression could be 91.6% of 110.43 million are literate. Don’t be fooled by the numbers. Let’s us first define the functional literacy, what does it mean? It is basically a high level of literacy which includes not only reading and writing skills but also numeracy skills (source: Phil Stats Office). Impressive but it does not mean that the 101.2M Filipinos are with College Degree. That is now where we need to build an awareness program and take advantage of the social media platform on the importance of basic education. A lot are willing to get the basic education but the challenge is the financial support to sustain the dream of every Filipino in the country. Basic education and literacy are important to our community and one could be an instrumental to the success of the country. Building a strong foundation at an early age for children is a good approach and a secret weapon for sustainability. The Private entities and government must work hand in hand to fully support the education system of the country. “Education is a lifelong process of empowerment” (source: so let’s unlock the full potential of the children and even adults – those in need of a basic education and literacy.