The District Team on a Life Changing Mission

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COS Vilma Vinluan & SDG Ken Jamandre
Rotary Clubs of Sampaloc & Metro Escolta


The Assistant Governor and District Team Training Seminar (AGDTTS) was a breakthrough event held last March 20 for the incoming officers of District 3810. It was a virtual training attended by the incoming officers for the Operations Group and Programs Group who will support the Life-Changing term of Incoming District Governor (IDG) Robert Koa. The select Rotarians who will serve in various leadership positions are seasoned and respected individuals in their own rights who will bring the District to new heights.

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Incoming District Trainer (IDT) Ernie Choa, AGDTTS Chairperson/Incoming Chief of Staff (ICOS) Vilma Vinluan, and the host club Rotary Club of Sampaloc ensured the worthwhile training in the new normal. Transformational Governor Odie Tarriela gave an inspiring message to instill continued commitment to serve the District and Rotary International. The message of RI President Shekhar Mehta featured a situationer and the action steps for his term by calling all Rotarians to adapt, expand our horizons, and serve with good intentions to overcome all the challenges. The participants were made to reflect on the status quo and how to move forward with their special missions for service.

The AGDTTS is a significant training to further equip the Rotarians in performing responsibilities to support the presidents and the Executive Committee. The attendees were divided into two rooms for the breakout sessions and attended three plenary sessions. The entire program was a great learning experience for everyone to be reminded of the proper execution of our roles, including protocols and operational guidance for the club. The official start of the responsibilities in July signals the preparedness of the District through the district officers.

The breakout sessions were facilitated by esteemed speakers PDG Lyne Abanilla and Incoming District Secretary (IDS) Edwin Chiu. They trained the participants on “Roles and Responsibilities” and “Working with Clubs” to focus on key relationships, communication plans, training, and support for clubs. The afternoon session covered running an effective committee, vibrant clubs, goal setting, and Governor’s visit. The sessions were filled with insights and inquiries from the speakers and attendees.

For the plenary sessions, PDG Oyan Villanueva focused on Membership, while ISDG Jouie Gabat presented on Programs Group Guidelines, and IDG Robert Koa highlighted the District Planning with emphasis on concerns and goals for the year.

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The gracious host club of RC Sampaloc was also represented by Co-Chair IP Bong Marzan, who delivered the closing remarks acknowledging everyone’s cooperation together with the dynamic hosts PE Gab de Guzman and ASP Ernie Carrido. The Sampaloc Hub has become the official venue for District 3810 online events, where preparations are made until the event execution.

To all the officers, namely the Senior Deputy Governor, Assistant Governor, Area Secretary, Area Treasurer, Governor’s Area Aide, Area Representatives for Membership, TRF, Public Image, and District Area Director, much is entrusted to be role model leaders for District 3810. The AGDTTS is the beginning of a Life Changing year for all the officers supporting IDG Robert Koa and District 3810.


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