The Crutch that Helped the Community Stand Up

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LCP James Fielding

When the Covid-19 Pandemic swept the carpet under the world’s legs, it caused many people to lose their jobs. Because of this many couldn’t afford to send their children to private or even public schools with external fees like school supplies and necessities. Pupils are often unprepared and lacking in terms of supplies that are necessary for completing their schoolwork. Being so, pupils’ interest in learning and their productivity may get affected negatively.

Through all of this, there were many people whose desire to give back to the community is inherent. One of the many is our own members of the Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium. We, along with Pearl Fetalvero Buyser donated school supplies to the grade 3 pupils of Mrs. Maria Oliva Loren at the Quezon Elementary School in Surigao City.

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Mrs. Loren teaches a grade 3 class and acts as advisor. She believes that basic materials are of utmost importance in the whole learning process. So, to help inspire her pupils, she even spends a portion of her paycheck to be able to buy a few items for her advisory class. Mrs. Buyser wanted to help her and her pupils get back on their feet for their new school year back in September. She then requested the Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium for the funds to help the students. And so, the plan set sailed.

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The donation was then processed and received by Mrs. Loren. She was excited that the students could all finally get their school supplies. Not only was she excited but the students were too, for having been able to get all of the items and snacks they needed to help them get through the school year. The COVID-19 pandemic hit them and their families hard and so they were happy to be able to learn with the proper materials. For us, the items they received may seem trivial, but to them, they received a gift that they’ll appreciate for the entirety of their lives.

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This isn’t the only thing we have up our sleeves. This is one of the many projects planned, executed, and being executed. Hopefully, all the next projects will be as successful as this one. The smiles and joy we saw truly warmed our hearts. All of these have been possible because of the donations done by the community and the Rotary Club itself. Many people from all walks of life find peace in their hearts during these times. To those who are suffering, may they find the way to their happiness. And to all who are givers of peace and happiness to others, may you and your family be safe.

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