The Core Values

By LCP TJ Junio

The ROTARY CLUB OF TAGAYTAY CITY held a webinar via Zoom with an attendance of 98 Rotarians and guests. LIFE CHANGING GOVERNOR ROBERT KOA grace the webinar with welcome words of encouragement for all attendees and invited new members the importance of knowing by heart the ABCs of Rotary. Present during the webinar were PDG Ismael Mercado, Champion Governor PDG Liza Elorde, Life Changing Presidents of District 3810, Manila, Pasay, Cavite and Mindoro, and also the invited guests to become members of Rotary International.`

The heart of the webinar steered by PP RECTO CANTIMBUHAN delivered the most admired detailed discussion of the ABCs of ROTARY that captured the attention of the attendees, glued until the end with the heartful, and vivid natural speaker voice of  PP RECTO CANTIMBUHAN.

 The ABCs of ROTARY heart are THE CORE VALUES carefully explained how ROTARY INTERNATIONAL members can be a good person that can easily mingle with all walks of life. A Life Changing organization that help the business grow accessed to different industries or business owned directly or indirectly through rotary members.

 THE CORE VALUES if practice religiously it would transform an individual to deal fairly among all transaction whether in business or daily activities as we became a person of INTEGRITY by bearing the logo of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL. It develops the LEADERSHIP for a member with the exposure of modeling from own club and with the district in general. Being an officer of the club leaderships already learned until the time the club members nominated one to be the next President which gives one another experienced and joy of leading the club to an activities that brings vibrant fellowship and also the joy of experienced in giving to the needy. 

We concluded the webinar with an inspirational words from one of the aged rotarian from ROTARY CLUB OF MANILA CHAMPION PRESIDENT PP JOAQUIN”Jackie”RODRIGUEZ. Who made his point how ROTARY INTERNATIONAL help his businesses and the fulfillment of life by giving back the blessings he himself acquired.

The ABCs of ROTARY gives us the lesson that the ROTARY is all about SERVICE ABOVE SELF.