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PP/DAD Girlie S. Segubre

“Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself”. – John Dewey

Everyone will agree with me that education is the most essential tool in uplifting the life of people thus reducing unemployment and reduces poverty.  With people who are educated, the better chances of improving their status in life thereby contribute to the development of our country and to the whole world.  Likewise, education develops responsibility and enhances the self-confidence of a person that makes him responsive to the needs of the society and becomes productive.  Furthermore, education benefits an individual in so many different ways other than uplifting his social and economic status. It gives him integrity and credibility, broader scope of knowledge and experiences for a better and reasonable decisions.  This development increases the success rate of a person towards achieving his goals in life. 

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 Today we live in the world of technology that demands highly technical people.  It plays an important role the way individuals communicate, learn and think.   It helps individual interact with each other in almost all aspects of life such as business, work, school, keeping in touch, and even on line shopping.  Everything is almost virtual that also include masses, social gatherings, business and personal meetings, and on line classes.  With each passing day, technology is growing by leaps and bounds that no one can block or interfere it. With the proper use of technology, a bright future awaits for all of us regardless of the age.  However, let us also bear in mind that technology has both positive and negative effects, thus managing technology should be taken into serious consideration.

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Apparently, life in this age of modernization with millennial generation predominantly controlling, is somewhat difficult for adults who lack familiarity with computer applications.  This observation and feedback prompted our club to include Adult Basic Computer Literacy in New Normal as part of our Education and Literacy Program this Rotary Year 2021-2022.  The pandemic did not stop the club to pursue the project but with some restrictions and limitations. Our very own Life Changing President, Patrick Doloroso facilitated an enrichment seminar on computer literacy last August 2, 2021 at Technocrete Trading Office, Carmona, Cavite with his Co-Facilitators DAD Girlie Segubre, currently the Club Secretary and Rotarian Arlene Doloroso.  This was attended by their employees who are not familiar with basic computer skills together with a number of Rotarians who wanted to enhance their skills in the newest on line communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet, Google Drive. Additional refresher topics on collaboration tools such as email, messenger, group chat and doing power point presentation were also discussed. 

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To be able to learn the above skills will help the trainees interact through social media and will be able to accomplish written reports, do power point presentations, explore the applications and do some researches  and slowly become computer literate in that aspects. As to the output, adult basic computer skill courses help adult learners achieve the technical fluency they need to be part of the world today.  Once an adult learner learns the basics and feels comfortable with it, they may also want to understand more technical apps such as sharing files, avoiding viruses, dealing with crashes, using shortcuts, backing up their data and regular maintenance to keep computers running efficiently. Thus, adults may feel they are in, engaging technology joining in the world of technology. Adults engaging in computer works may feel to be somewhat challenging, but with the constant use of these computer skills and techniques, surely things will be easier for them. Patience is a virtue that everyone must have to achieve something big especially during this pandemic.