Synonymous but Different

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Rtr. Audrey Cantor
Rotary Club of Carmona



Responsibilities and commitment.

One by one.

Little by little.

Seminars, donation drives, blood-letting activities, and many more actions and services. These things are usual for people who are part of a Rotary club. But for the Transformational President of the Rotary Club of Carmona, he found something more.

“I discovered a lot of things when I started to become a Transformational President of Rotary. It is beyond what I imagined,” said TP Tito Coronacion in his valedictory address during the 21st Club Handover Ceremony of the Rotary Club of Carmona. The Handover was held on the 9th day of June at the exquisite View Fort Venue, following safety protocols mandated by the authorities. Officers and members celebrated together as they became like family and best friends.

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A year, twelve months, 365 days, and hundreds of hours were like a moment spent by TP Tito leading the organization. A moment that became wonderful memories. As the Rotary Club of Carmona enters a new chapter again, reminiscing and cherishing the past year has indeed been a habit.

The sound of the bell as it is hit by the gavel served as the end of the Transformational Year and as the call for another president of the new Rotary Year, the Life-Changing Year. Life-Changing, the word is synonymous with Transformational itself. Life-changing, transformational, transformational, life-changing. The words and the Rotary Year they represent are the same but different. Same goals, same objectives, but different in ways because the people behind either year are different.

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TP Tito may be behind the success of the year 2020-2021, but the time has come for the Life-Changing President Patrick Doloroso to lead in 2021-2022. TP Tito Coronacion has opened a lot of opportunities during his year. The last opportunity he opened is the opportunity given to LCP Patrick to change lives through serving.

As LCP Patrick willingly received the title of Life-Changing President of the Rotary Club of Carmona for the year 2021-2022, he said in his acceptance speech that he is taking the current pandemic situation more as a challenge rather than a risk.

Having his Team Committee behind his back, the worries and solicitude that LCP Patrick had were now all gone. With a perfect formula of service, passion, dedication, and a heart willing to grant a wish of hope for the community, pessimism has no room in the Club.

As the sun escaped and the moon started to shine, the handover event has come to a point when the new officers give a glimpse of their action plans for the upcoming year. The Club, Professional, Public Relations, and other committees show their targets for the Life-Changing Year.

Life. The word itself stands out. Add the word Change or Changing, and it becomes a very powerful phrase. Life-Changing. This phrase fits the current situation that the whole globe is facing. Amidst the pandemic, people’s lives in the community have indeed changed, but for the worse.

Thus, let the Rotary Club of Carmona claim back that powerful phrase of Life-Changing. Let the Club rise to the challenge of creating positive change that is synonymous with Rotary and that is vastly different from life-changing negativity in the world today.