Supporting the Education in times of COVID 19


LCP Rogel Cacdac

Since the past year, the world has been confronted with a pandemic that affected many aspects of our lives. The education sector has been severely affected too, and our teachers have been confronted with a lot more challenges in delivering service to their students. Teaching is not just a profession, but it is also a vocation. Our teachers devote their lives to their students by teaching them academic and life lessons.


As Rotarians, we believe that a good deed is contagious – in fact, more contagious than the Covid-19! By helping our teachers get more equipped and prepare their lessons easily, through the use of their new computers, printers and other school materials, we would also be helping our students to adjust to the “new normal” and be able to learn more and to learn easily.
The Rotary Club of Cavite Metro (RCCM), held its first project for the Rotary Year 2021-2022 on July 2, 2021. The club donated computer, printer and school supplies to Ticub Elementary School in Laurel, Batangas to help its teachers in preparing their online lessons during the pandemic.


This project was sponsored by the club’s Charter President Dominador “Ador” Barrion and his spouse Dory Barrion, who was then a teacher at Ticub Elementary School. Limited club members were invited to participate during the turn-over of the said project for us to adhere to the existing regulations of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF). Our ever supportive Past President GP Rowena “Wheng” Dela Cruz, Champion President Edgardo “Egay” Villoria and Rotarian Cleofe Cacdac were also present during this event.


Additionally, the town of Laurel, Batangas was, at the moment, a high-risk barangay as the nearby Taal Volcano was having phreatomagmatic eruptions. The Rotary Club of Cavite Metro saw this opportunity to help the residents of Laurel while their livelihood was being affected by the said volcanic activity. The club donated 10 sacks of rice to the residents to help them cope with their current endeavor.

Giving is a way of life. It is in giving that we find joy and fulfillment in our hearts. Giving touches peoples’ lives no matter how small or big it was and it creates an impact to someone else’s life. It inspires people. Giving is a good deed that changes lives; it normally influences the receiver to become a giver. Giving is definitely a kind of Service that is above oneself.