Starting the Year by Serving a Mother in Need

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Pp Malou Alavata
RC Manila Kalaw

The Maternal Care and New Born Screening have been the flagship and continuing project of the Rotary Club of Manila Kalaw (RCMK) for the past 10 years. This community service project is RC Manila Kalaw’s way of helping Filipino women on their way to healthy pregnancy by assisting in their free natal check-ups, vitamins, ultrasound exams, and newborn screening for their babies’ early detection of congenital and hereditary disorders.

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This year’s theme, Serve to Change Lives, is befitting our President Judith Landicho, who, herself beginning 2017 as a new member, has been actively involved in several projects our club has hosted. One of these projects was the Buntis Congress and New Born Screening with 100 Prenatal Patients during PP Tess Binosa’s term. Through the years, RCMK has been serving at several Manila and Pasay hospitals to lend assistance and to fund the newborn screening of indigent mothers under the leadership of our roster of indefatigable leaders and members.

In line with Rotary International’s thrust to make high-quality healthcare available to vulnerable mothers and children, RCMK is committed to continuously contribute to maternal healthcare so that mothers and children can live longer and grow stronger.

Last June 13, 2021, President Judith extended the Club’s assistance to a mother in need of her child’s newborn screening. The mother, Mrs. Pauline Joy D. Arias, was relieved and happy that this assistance was awarded to her since the pandemic has affected her family’s income. President Judith observed proper health protocols as she visited Mrs. Arias and gave the funds needed to pay for her newborn screening. This project would not have been possible without the help of the local hospital and the social worker in the person of Barangay Health Worker (BHW) President Marilou Abrugena Batangas, who helped identify the recipient.

RCMK’s future projects in line with maternal care and newborn screening under President Judith’s leadership will expand to include assistance for prenatal check-ups, ultrasound, and distribution of prenatal vitamins. This is again partnering with local hospitals and social workers working towards a healthier Filipino mother and child.

With a fresh leadership under President Judith Landicho and the support of RCMK’s backbone, the roster of Past Presidents, the Club will definitely be Serving to Change the Lives of Filipino mothers and bring a better and brighter future for them and their children.