Service through Deployment and Livelihood Programs

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LCP Amelyn Borbon and Rotaractor Manuel Bauya

All over the earth, the brunt in which the COVID-19 has demonstrated towards the human race has already been fervent and seemed unstoppable. This resulted to great famines as people began to lose their jobs and livelihood, close their businesses,  have inadequate resources, sacrifice their social living, compromise their mental and emotional health, lessen the essential quality education or even affected strong relationships that resulted to economic instability. Being in this kind of living is not easy. We have been forced to find ways to be strong to face all these adversities, but how can these be possible? Are there ways to escape from these serious problems?

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As the Life Changing President of the Rotary Club Manila Tourist Belt, my ultimate goal is to save humanity from any forms of disposition caused by expected or unexpected circumstances happening in our society. This aim can be attained by making right decisions impacting humanity. Moreover, I devote myself to having a goal of uplifting needy individuals to feel and see the compassion, love, and care from other people around. With the assistance of my members in the rotary club, we work hand in hand to administer the Deployment and Livelihood Programs for those who are jobless and employed them even if it is a low-income job and could not afford to sustain the needs of their family.

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My clients for the deployment program are given the job opportunities for abroad. They are free of charge when complying their requirements. What they need are skills for specific work abroad and nothing more. This is a big privilege for them nowadays. We also administer a Livelihood Program which offers not only additional income but also the mental and emotional health support to bring happiness and hope for their future despite of the pandemic.

This Livelihood Program is in the form of providing piglets to be raised by our private school teachers in Holy Infant School of Malungon, Inc. Good for them to have such privilege because they will not anymore be anxious by just staying at home since they will become busy raising the piglets instead.

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In addition, our program of providing educational services continues up to this time. Our latest clients are young learners in Holy Infant School of Malungon, Inc. The services given to them are provision of anything they need in studies and face masks.

It is my sincere encouragement to all people out there, that they must keep within themselves the spirit of being strong and brave in times of storms in life. Strengthen their patience, hope, and positivity no matter what for every one of us can be an instrument of saving humanity, making everybody’s lives matter by doing extra mile. Let us provide civic welfare services through livelihood and job opportunities in these trying times. What I hope is that, by doing so people are becoming more active in helping other people and becoming more involved in their communities, finally providing resources that people can still rely on in the future even after the pandemic is over.