Sagip Calumpit Project – A Dream turned Real

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PP Penny Taringting

From a dream to have at least 1 that turned into 24 boats donated to the barangays suffering from the perennial flooding in the town of Calumpit Bulacan, we owe it to God who touches the hearts of our donors and made this project a success.

Sagip Calumpit is a project initiated and worked dedicatedly by the former World Class President serving this year as the Vice Chair of the Membership Development Committee and as the Senior Deputy Governor for Membership Lynda “Len” Hao from the Rotary Club of Intramuros. Prior to the conceptualization of this project, SDG Len had an ocular inspection and study at the site right after a big storm back in 2018. She was joined by the Rotary Club of Mabini Manila, an affiliated club to her as an Honorary Member where Inspiring President Jessie Singh and club mates donated 500 bags of 5 kilos rice to each affected resident. In 2019, she laid down her plans and was initially joined by friends who are Champion Presidents. Donations all came as in-kind as SDG Len opened this inter-district project with whatever their hearts desire to give. It was her dream to give at least one boat and she was supported by our club with Champion President Rosauro “Ross” Ching in the initial boat donation and four turnovers of donations in Calumpit. Her kind heart gathered the support of her friends and people who believes in her and thus, the born of this Sagip Calumpit project flourished up to this year.

Sagip Calumpit project proved to support the economic and livelihood development not just a mere disaster / emergency responding project aptly to share in this GML issue for the month. The latest turnover was done last September 1 with the presence of Life Changing Presidents Aries Balanay from RC Intramuros, Ronald Caling from RC Calumpit and Harvey Ong from RC Valenzuela East together with members who joined in the actual turnover at the Colegio de Calumpit. The last turnover of 2 boats and 16 sacks donation by SDG Len Hao was held in a ceremony via Zoom which was also joined by the members of the three clubs involved together with our District Governor Robert Koa, PDG Roberto Pagdanganan, Architect Oscar del Rosario, PDG Manny Punzalan, SDG MC Casio and SDG Len Hao. Our endless thanks to all including donors from the very start of this project.

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