Rotary Club of Dasmariñas Cavite, Interact and Early Act Touch Community Lives in Brgy. Guinhawa Quezon Province

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PP Lory Mendoza and LCP Gerald Sergio

On August 27, amidst the difficulties hurled by the ongoing pandemic, the Rotary Club of Dasmariñas Cavite (RCDC) along with Interact and Early Act successfully conducted outreach activities in Quezon, Quezon Province. Among these outreach initiatives included (1) Donation of comfort shirt and Covid protection kits to 10 Brgy. Health Workers of Brgy. Guinhawa Quezon, Quezon, (2) Tulong PangEdukasyon para sa Brgy. Guinhawa Elementary School, and (3) Gear up for safety for the tanods of Brgy. Guinhawa Quezon Quezon.

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Barangay Health Workers in Focus

RCDC members including PP Lory Mendoza, PE Lorena Parian, Interact officers Leica Mendoza and Ren Parian, Early Act Member Liam Mendoza visited the remote area of Brgy. Guinhawa, Quezon, Quezon Province in order to handover essential goods to ten barangay health workers who are actively performing their duties for the benefit of their kababayans in this barrio. Due to accessibility issues, many Filipinos in many parts of the country do not receive timely supplies needed to address the threat of the pandemic and this puts the lives of our front liners at risk. Thus, initiatives like this bridge the gap to ensure that community health care workers (HCW) are properly equipped. 

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Education On The Line

RCDC team also visited to Brgy. Guinhawa Elementary School to deliver much needed school supplies that the teachers and students would be able to use. Often, small schools like Brgy. Guinhawa Elementary School experience difficulty in terms of supplies that they can use for the school. Despite this lack, teachers and administrators persevere to offer quality education so students can learn and have a shot at a better future.

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Barangay Tanods Get Additional Safety Kits

Lastly, RCDC team managed to meet in person the people responsible in maintaining order in Brgy. Guinhawa Quezon, Quezon Province. On this meeting, safety kits were distributed including raincoats, shirt, slippers, and COVID protective items. The donation drive aims to gear up the tanods in performing their duties as they help their communities manage the rise of COVID cases. Essential supplies like this come at a cost. Thus, many families are hesitant to invest on protecting themselves making them vulnerable to infection. RCDC aims to provide these tanods the much-needed protection, not only to shield themselves from COVID but also ensure that their families are safe.

These donation drives were made possible through the generosity and sponsorship of PP Lory and Spouse Gilbert Mendoza. They not only donated essential goods, but also devoted their time and effort in contributing towards the betterment of these community. And it is also worth noting the dedication shown by the people who volunteered for this cause. Truly, RCDC together with Interact and Early Act continues the fan the flame of service to communities and may this glow for many more years to come.