Rotarians as Role Models

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LCP Ezekiel Timothy Aliscad

At a young age, I always accompany my mother who was a former President of a Rotary Club. I saw how she handled, organized, and had fun being a member despite of a lot of things that should be done. I remember myself, admiring my mother on how hard-working and well-organized she is. And now not even dreaming, I will also be just like her. I saw a good leader in following her.

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Being a president or part of a Rotaract is hard during this pandemic. It challenges the capabilities of everyone who is part of it to extend help to those who need. But the pandemic does not stop us from helping. It helps us show the eagerness and passion in every one to help. For us the young ones, it is a good start to learn how to help others. I know that we have a voice to our fellow young ones to share the awareness that there are persons who are in need. Rotaract is not just about doing projects. It is also a way of knowing new people that will turn to a family. The memories that we share with each other is something that we surely treasure.

Just like the other clubs, Rotaract Kabataang Hiyas also has projects that aims to help. For the month of July we have planned six projects and I am proud to say that four are already done such as Distribution of leaflets about importance of Vaccination, Tree Planting, Operation Tuli and Distribution of Hygiene Kits. The projects will be for an entire year. To be honest, it is hard to think of projects that a lot will benefit but, we are committed in serving others.

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As we serve others, we should always put in mind our motto for this rotary year, Serve to Change Lives. It is simple to read or to listen but it has a deep meaning. As a Rotarian and Rotaract member, let me ask you, what are your ways to help others? For you what is the real meaning of Serve to Change Lives? What else can you offer? May we put in our hearts and minds the true meaning of being a member of this Club. And may we share to others the goal that we have in mind.

May God bless us this New Rotary year 2021-2022.