Resounding Commitment to RCIE

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LCP Merla Ramirez

Plenty of times, I know there will be difficulties in achieving a more active and dynamic club because I used to be a not-so-active member, but one who helps the club with medical mission projects. I kept on thinking that I will fail in developing our club operations and membership efforts, yet when our club met last June for our Strategic Planning and our recent meetings, it says otherwise. RC Imus East officers and members are more than willing to help my term build a stronger club.

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Our members are enthusiastic in upgrading our club to a vibrant one that they initiated a review of our own criteria in screening new members, making the process more aligned with the District’s membership standards. Our recent meetings resulted to an agreement in increasing our tribe with a strong belief that our capabilities will bring in like-minded members.

In these meetings also, we refocused our goals in our community service projects to give it more impact and meaning. We have set our vision high and nothing will hinder us from trying to uplift our service projects.

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We even decided it is time to fully support our President through coming up with a funding that will help the one leading us to a respectable state resulting to a smooth sailing leadership and club operations. This showed each members’ care and concern for our Club and it is simply heartwarming.

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It was noticeable that during our meetings, the eagerness is so present that we were able to resolve a lot in our club towards a robust club. I have witnessed their recommendations were more determined than ever, and their enthusiasm is rubbing on me making me pursue a resilient yet solid Club.

There is no perfect club, but to aspire as one is already a resounding commitment of our club’s officers and members, and making a singular effort with zest in changing the lives in the community we serve.