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LCP Janoden M. Gubat
Rotary Club of Manila Quiapo Central

It has already been a year since we were forced to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us were startled by the loss of our livelihoods. Even though some people have learned to adapt to their day-to-day living with the current pandemic, many people have difficulty coping.

As the Life-Changing President of the Rotary Club of Manila Quiapo Central (RCMQC), I feel proud to serve and change the lives of every needy Filipino. My club members and I take it as a challenge to promote humanitarian services that will bring us together towards improvement and empowerment.

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As the pandemic continues, we, the RCMQC, generate positive impact, uplift the community, and connect with people through the distribution of groceries, vitamins, food packs, and other needs for quick resiliency.

People are still unable to buy basic necessities. With fears of hunger, homelessness, and certain helplessness, they need us now more than ever. Big or small, every effort counts, and it will all build-up to create a significant impact on someone’s life. With us getting ready for what’s to come, we, the RCMQC, encourage everybody to provide more for as many people as possible, with financial assistance for essential needs during this ongoing pandemic.

We simply cannot leave this vulnerable population to face this hardship on their own. We know that, especially in times of collective concern, we must come together to support those who are unable to support themselves. During these difficult times, we set aside our differences to come together, unite, and be as one! You can be that positive change you have been waiting to see in the world. Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much. I hope we find softness in our hearts to share our blessings from God.