Recruit Ko, Gabay Ko

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LCP Cynthia Mercado

A nature trip is a great idea while conducting a membership recruitment. It is more engaging and efficient to relax, at the same time to reflect and freshen up our minds to come up with a more creative projects that the club would be known for.

Recently, on the 7th day of July, our team went to a nature trip with our new recruits. Also present on the said project is RAC TDS LCP Penelofi Condol, and especially SDG Sonny G. Mercado who’s always in support to the team. While we were in the highland of Ternate in Cavite we experienced nature at its finest. We breathe fresh air, we witnessed mountains filled
with green trees, and we saw monkeys. It was such a fun and amazing journey, I am sure that the new members loved everything we did in our trip.

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Our new recruits Ms. Shairine Daniell Prudente and Ms. Emma Duran were the new recruits of Rotary Club of Rosario. These two amazing women are both competitive in a business industry who dedicated themselves in helping those who are in need. They joined Rotary because of their aspiration to expand their acts from little humanitarian efforts to community projects
where RC Rosario is known for, ever since. With their addition to the Club, this term will be able to provide exciting projects and more for everyone.

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Recruit Ko, Gabay Ko Project taught me that there are so many people who are kind and who love to help society to be better, they’re just lack of platform to do their acts. In my time as a Life Changing President I will commit myself to provide opportunities like recruiting more potentials and aspiring Rotarians.