RCSJD: Still Beautiful in the midst of the pandemic

August pic 1

LCP Mercy Alvaran, Rtn. Marichu Castro, and PP Jason Valera

During these challenging times, it has been really difficult for the people of San Jose to focus their attention to worthwhile activities that would help them get through the pandemic.  Additionally, most of the constituents of this small town, became concerned on how to earn extra as establishments are closing temporarily and the opportunities for employment have been restricted with the granular lockdowns taking place almost everywhere.

August pic 2

Aside from these economic worries, another important issue is how to ease the psycho-social concerns that each one is experiencing as news on the pandemic surge fills the everyday consciousness of the people. Needless to say, there must be something that civic organizations such as the Rotary Club of San Jose Downtown can do to assist the people to become productive and to divert their minds to more enjoyable activities.

As a response, the Rotary Club of San Jose Downtown has come up with its own measures to address the current situation.  Through the efforts of Rtn. Mailen Valera, Chair for the Economic Development Community, led a skills development training on “ManiPed, Gunting at Suklay, Kaagapay sa Hanapbuhay” last August 22 at the grounds of the Divine Word College of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro. LCP Mercy Alvaran and other Rotarians were there to support the event.

The training started in the morning until noontime.  Experts on these skills-training were invited to educate, train and guide young people as their participants ready themselves to venture to new opportunities in beauty care, specifically, on manicure, pedicure and hair cutting skills. Aside from the trainees, volunteers were also invited to become the subjects of the trainees. Everybody was excited on the outcomes, and true enough, the whole activity was a big success.

The Rotary Club of San Jose Downtown has another laurel up on its hat with this project. With the cooperation of everyone, there would be no stopping to these kinds of people-focused activities for the Mindoreños.  Above all, for the Rotarians, service will always come first.