RCMQC Economic and Community Development Services

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LCP Janoden Gubat

The Rotary Club of Manila Quiapo Central (RCMQC) encourages using local resources that enhances economic opportunities as well as improving social conditions in a sustainable way during this pandemic. Even in Metro Manila which is an anchor and driving force for growth and prosperity where supposedly it is safe, beautiful, and vibrant city filled with thriving individuals, families, neighborhoods, and businesses are affected by this scenario. However, it did not hamper our service to humanity. Instead, we have engaged educated and highly skilled people that fuel the community’s competitiveness on the economic growth.

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LCP Janoden Gubat addresses community’s economic problems such as unemployment amidst pandemic, insufficient basic needs and other necessities through projects that are planned and implemented with club members’ involvement. RCMQC is still on the process of helping the community become a better place to live in and work productively. On economic development, we are creating a project that seek to build capacity for self-sustaining, long-term economic growth that will support our community to shape local, regional, and national economic future.

As a Life Changing President of RCMQC, I want to focus on creating and developing nourishing livelihood opportunities, building on local resources and capacities, increasing community control and ownership, enhancing the health of the environment, and encouraging community resiliency. It creates strong, diverse communities that can attract investors, before starting and grow businesses, as well as to overcome issues that may arise.

We also motivate our members to join us in community development projects into a comprehensive approach on principles of empowerment, human rights, social justice, self-determination, and collective people of action. This initiative values community’s knowledge and wisdom that respects the rights, differences, and dignity of others, honesty, and integrity in dealing with the community, and accountable for personal behavior.

I am also inspiring members for activities that are diverse, fun, and provide a wide range of opportunities for social skill development. Along with meeting people, maintaining conversations, cooperating with peers who will sometimes assist in our projects, we also initiate collaboration with other Rotary Clubs for a more significant project.

Thus, Economic and Community Development varies on the ability and capability of individual who intended to perform humanitarian services during this pandemic and we vow to succeed.