RCII on Job Opportunities for a Developed Community

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Rtn. Kristin Love Jumalon-Layague

A generous heart grows more in times of adversity. When the pandemic emerged in the late 2019, many people lost their jobs, companies went bankrupt and Overseas Filipino Workers had no choice but to go home and seek new opportunities in their homeland. Imagine the challenge of going back to square one after so many years of hard work. It was devastating. They do not suffer the downfall alone. Their families are depending on them for sustenance. The silver lining in all of these would be people who are dedicated to offering support where it is needed.

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Rotary Club of Imus Independencia (RCII) has been around for more than a decade and gathered a group of people who are willing to reach out to others in hopes of a brighter future for everyone. One of which is PP Jaie F. Ador, president of 3D Container and Packaging Corp. The company has continued to support RCII’s legacy throughout the years and recently collaborated with the organization in another vocational and economic project. 

3D Container and Packaging Corp. offered jobs to three distressed OFWs who were sent home when the COVID issue affected their employers. They struggled to find jobs due to the drastic decline of hiring capacity of many local companies. The goal is to help them, and their families get back on their feet and regain hope on financial stability. Now, they are back on the workforce and thriving amid a global crisis.

Not only the working population are suffering these days but also our youth. Academic challenges have increased as the current modes of learning mostly require Internet connection, gadgets and the like. These resources are not free and not all parents can sustain them. To pursue their studies, some students need to find a way to earn their own allowance. In response to that, the said corporation gave job opportunities to three OJT students in cooperation with Pamantasan ng Cabuyao. The agreement includes 240 working hours with a 300 per day allowance. 

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These activities are all part of RCII’s Economic and Community Development Project. Every person has capabilities to contribute to the development of the community – blessed in their own ways with talents and skills that complement the needs of society. The only thing that would make this system work is giving them platforms to utilize their abilities to uplift a developing country until we all reach the top. With the echoing cries for help come potentials that need to be honed and people who are willing to recognize these talents. 

May RCII’s initiative, in collaboration with its generous partners such as 3D Container and Packaging Corp. inspire others to do their part – reach out and believe in those members of the community who were victims of unfortunate circumstances. If so, the community, the nation can reach the end of the tunnel together and face a prosperous future ahead.

We can all do this – help change lives!