RC Pasay Millenium Launches THE ANCHOR

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The Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium (RCPM) launched their club bulletin for this Life-Changing RY 2021-2022 in digital format named, “THE ANCHOR”. Their first 12-page issue was released early this month highlighting July’s activities of the club and of District 3810. It also highlighted the introduction of their new club president, Life-Changing President Herbert James Fielding. 

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The Editorial Board is headed by Charter President Blyth Fielding as Editor-in-Chief and composed of RCPM’s members and their families. The Anchor will be produced and circulated every month. For easy access, this can be viewed every month in the RCPM Facebook account.

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The Anchor is a timely and effective communication and public image tool in this period of highly restricted face-to-face meetings and gatherings. It aims to inform, update, educate and inspire each club member on the district and club’s plans and activities. The viewership of the club bulletin is not only limited to its members. It also intends to have a wider circulation, reaching their families, friends, donors, supporters, fellow Rotarians and their potential new members.

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PP Omie Rocha