RC Pasay Cyber City 20th Handover and Induction Ceremony

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LCP Peaches Pasion

It only takes one person to change one’s life. Serving others as an organization can change humanity.

It is inherent among us to be able to contribute goodwill to others in whichever way we can, that is how I came to be with the Rotary Club of Pasay Cyber City. What started out as a little spark in me has now grown into passion for service.

As a celebratory gesture for the new Rotary Year, congratulations and best wishes to our new members, officers, and to our District Governor Robert Koa.  A new hope and another start of being of service to others to change lives await us.

Taking on a challenging lead as a Life Changing President for a prestigious organization is humbling and at the same time put me in a place where I can see and appreciate things in a 360-degree view; to heed the call, support and serve, in all angles.

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This will not be an easy journey and I was beyond lucky that on July 3, on my very first step as a Life Changing President, I had all the support from our Past Presidents, new members, officers, families, and colleagues. I cannot put exactly into words how happy I am that I was able to celebrate my birthday with them as well.

A new phase for our club will not be compelling without giving honours to the dedication and service of our Past Presidents and to the men and women who started all these; to Charter President Sunil Sitlani, PP Romeo Bison, Jr., PP Raymond Ciriaco, PP Ma. Ana Ciriaco, PP Melchor Macabalitao, PP Eliezer Esteban, PP Felizidoro Colibao, PP Kathreen Tracy Mize, PP Romualdo Rocha, PP Rainier Guzman, PP Jackson Uy Cu, PP Joan Jagonos-Oliva.

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I know how precious everyone’s time is, but you chose to join us last July 3 for the 20th Handover and Induction Ceremonies held in Okada Manila Ballroom. Special mention also to our RCPCC’s new members who took oath: RC Davis, Oliver Oliva, Jacqueline Cloma, and Jay Viquiera. We are pleased to welcome you.

With your blessing and support, I can only look ahead with high spirit to this Rotary Year.

Perhaps a more difficult situation than being in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic is the road to recovery; this is where ’Changing Lives’ truly transpire. And this is also where I, as a Life Changing President, together with our officers and new members, will take off.

There is no small and grand in serving others, we measure the ripple of impact by how it changed their lives and how they will pay it forward to others. I would like to begin my LCP journey by extending my hand and hope that others hold on to it and connect the chain of “Serving to Change Lives.”