RC Malate Serves to Change Lives

hanover of banana Tree

LCP Rommel Allan Roxas

The Rotary Club of Malate Prime (RCMP), with its goals and objectives of fulfilling the Rotary’s Areas of Focus, particularly on Supporting the Environment and Economic and Community Development, drove all the way to their adopted community located at Sitio Maislap, Bgy. San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal and donated more than 400 banana saplings and fertilizers to the community.

Additionally, 700 Banana saplings, 800 kamoteng-kahoy (cassava) root crop and 500 dragon fruit saplings were also donated to a community of scavengers in Rodriguez, Rizal as a source of livelihood for the community.

Banana Tree Planting

Last July 17, the club officers and members headed by Life Changing President Rommel Allan Roxas handed over the banana saplings to the community leader, Fr. Jose Vicente “Josef” Tin-ga. LCP Rommel led the planting of the banana trees and the rest of the saplings were distributed to the community members which eventually became a source of their food and livelihood.

Also, around 300 banana saplings and 800 kamoteng kahoy were sent to the community in advance and were planted in vacant lots of each family.

dragon fruit3

“We believe that the Tree Planting and Community Development Project of the Club are life changing because scavengers living in the community would learn how to plant and take good care of these crops and trees. And once the banana fruits and cassava are harvested, it has a great impact on the people’s lives and serves as a source of income in order not to depend solely on garbage collecting and scavenging.” LCP Rommel said.

Along with LCP Rommel during the tree-planting and handover of the banana saplings were Transformational President Jimmie Ocampo, GP Lea Botones, ChP Carol San Pedro, Club Secretary Osang Saren, Club Treasurer Willie So, Service Project Chairman Henry Monzones, Rtn. Daisy Calara-Valdez, Rtn. Mirasol Veluya, and Rtn. Elmer Saren. Other officers and members of the club had donated cash and in kind to support the Club’s project.

dragon fruit2

Moreover, on August 21, the RCMP officers and members travelled to the farm of Capt. Ireneo Carino, located in Indang, Cavite to pick-up and turn-over five hundred (500) pieces of Dragon Fruit cuttings to Fr. “Josef”, Sitio Maislap’s Religious Community Leader. The Dragon Fruit cuttings were donated by Southfield Agency Inc., thru the efforts of RCMP’s Immediate Past Club Secretary, Rtn. Daisy Calara Valdez , and distributed to the community members of Sitio Maislap.

According to Fr. Josef, about 200 to 250 Dragon Fruit cuttings will be planted in a designated area within the community and the rest will be distributed among the members of the community and be planted at their own backyards. We were provided with a tour of the Dragon Fruit plantation by Capt. Carino,  and Fr. Josef along with his assistant, were taught how to plant, grow, take care and harvest the Dragon Fruits.

LCP Rommel Allan Roxas was accompanied by Transformation President Jimmie Ocampo, Great President Lea Botones, Club Secretary Rosana Saren, Service Project Chairman Henry Monzones, Rtns. Elmer Saren, Jobien Carbajal, and new club member Elmer Estrella, who joined in the project, was given a warm welcome.