RC Hiyas ng Bacoor Supports Communities

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LCP Carmelita Gawaran

The greatness of a community is accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members and the people who want to help. 

The Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor extends gratitude to our members for continuing the Rotary’s mission to build community resilience amidst the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has created an adverse impact – not only in lives lost but to local economies and livelihood. As such, there is a need to robustly support vulnerable communities through effective partnerships and strengthening the capacity to mitigate these impact. The Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor heeded this call by providing life-changing donations to  Noveleta Elementary School and to Barangay Molino 6.

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First, our special thanks to PP Edith Umali for donating 50 packs of different kinds of vegetable seedlings, which were given to the parents of the students of Noveleta Elementary School. When these seedlings bear fruit, the parents have the option to either use them for personal consumption or sell them to generate income. The Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor was able to mobilize and instill upon the recipients, such as the parents, the value of patience, hard work and being resourceful to ensure that these seedlings will have bountiful produce.

Second, the “Life Changing Water Station” is an ongoing Global Grant project in Molino 6. This project was envisioned to address the concern on water station deficiency. The Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor provided livelihood training for the water station to ensure steady source of income for the community, business continuity and management and ultimately, project sustainability.

Aside from the water station located in Molino 6, the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor has three Water Stations supported by the Rotary International’s Global Grant.

jRest assured, our club will continue creating projects that will not only help other people and their community but also create a significant impact. We are thankful to the Rotary International for these global grants and making sure the our club becomes an important instrument to respond to the needs of  the community and their economic development.