Promoting Basic Education and Literacy

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LCP Janoden Masbud Gubat

Literacy is the ability to identify, understand, interpret, and communicate using print ads, written materials, or using social media with various ways like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, as well as interpersonal interactions. It can also use our skills to seek out information, gather and explore projects in-depth and gain a deeper understanding of our community.

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Education is the complete development of a person in terms of knowledge, sensibility and behavior in different situations. It is the ability to seek out and understand information which gives us all independence to make choices, to advocate for ourselves and to learn about our community needs and impart our knowledge.

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As a Life Changing President, I support the basic education and literacy for adult indigent illiterate Filipinos. It is despairing that there are still people in the rural impoverished areas who cannot read and write. Some do not even understand other languages and dialects which they believe preserving cultures is most important to them than education. Thus, literacy is crucial to their success in both their career aspirations and their quality of life to this generation, where people who can read and write are powerful in society and that literacy leads to greater self-reliance and self-esteem. Engaging the community into several projects might let them understand the importance of basic education and literacy.

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The RC Manila Quiapo Central inspires the Rotary member who advocates for any socio-civic engagement projects to promote literacy and improves the development of a wider community as everyone deserves quality.

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Most Rotary clubs are taking action to enhance basic education and literacy in their communities. Every community has different needs and different opportunities to serve. Determining community’s needs and resources is an important starting point to identify the most appropriate project but also ensure support and sustainability for their endeavors. It is actually easy to look around and decide what you think a community needs, especially if you live in it or near it.

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The emphasis towards basic education and literacy has greater impact on society as it yields higher social and economic development of the community.

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