Project KASAGIP KaMI: RCSJ’s contribution to Local Economic and Community Development 

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PP Ciony Pabellano

The flagship project of RCSJ “Project KASAGIP KaMI” is aligned with the three (3) Rotary International Areas of Focus which are the Basic Education & Literacy , Peace and Conflict Prevention and Economic development. KASAGIP is an acronym for K- aagapay  S- a pagsulong  ng A- grikultura  at G- ulayan  para sa I- ndigenous P- eople ng K- anlurang  M- indoro. KaSAGIP KaMi in English literally means “having part in savings one’s life and SAGIP a Filipino word means “to save” which also in harmony with the present RI theme “Rotary Serves to Change Lives”.

This project was conceptualized over a cup of coffee with Rtn. Mabel Pantaleon  while we had the laundry listing of what projects is suitable for the current situation in our community and how  the club can  help and  heed the call of the  government  to provide  a solutions to the insurgency in the country side.  During the RCSJ Club planning two months ago, there was an encounter between the rebels and the PNP where 2 policemen died and 4 others were injured, hence our town was in the state of shock and as a citizen and a Rotarian I asked myself what the club can do to help solve the problem and attain a peaceful community. As Rotary always find solutions to every problem and with the help of Rtn. Mabel, a TESDA specialist suggested this Project KASAGIP, hence we came up to” Rotary Serve to Change Lives KASAGIP KaMI “ project.

Despite the surge of Covid 19 and emergence of variants, the government and private sector work hand in hand to minimize the effects of this pandemic. One strategy adopted was to build household resiliency through home-based food production. The launching of the KASAGIP project creates a domino effect by boosting the agriculture, addressing food security and foods for the table of the FR/IPs particularly the Hanunuo and the Tau-Buhid Tribes, who happened to be former rebels/victims of armed  conflict and residing in former communist terrorist group stronghold areas in Occidental Mindoro. A related goal is to address poverty and hunger and eventually to promote peace in the armed conflict communities.

The beneficiaries are regularly reporting in Camp Bravo Company 4IB, 21D in Brgy. Murtha, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro as part of their rehabilitation and reintegration into the economic mainstream of the society. The project adopted the convergence approach along with other government partners such as TESDA, Provincial Government of Occidental Mindoro, Department of Agriculture and Philippine Army 4IB, 21D and Rizal, Occidental Mindoro TESDA Training and Accreditation Center (ROMTTAC).

The project has two components and as a jumpstart, there were 22 FR/Ips and three (3) uniformed personnel who underwent skills training program provided by TESDA Occidental Mindoro on Organic Agriculture Production NC II thru its training provider namely the Rizal, Occidental Mindoro TESDA Training and Accreditation Center (ROMTTAC).  The said training has a funding cost of PhP 406,000.00 from TESDA and is expected to be completed on September 23, 2021.  And the second component the participants while undergoing training will construct the following: a mini-organic garden inside the military camp, construction of a green houses, waste material recovery facility and a poultry house which will be funded and to be turned over by the Rotary Club of San Jose to the participating trainees once they finish their training. To help alleviate poverty and to contribute in the economic development in the countryside with the support and encouragement of LCP Ruby Alferos, the Former Rebel/IP trainees will form cooperative with Ka Liway Bulaklak.