On Life Changing Leadership: 4 Guideposts to Make It Work

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LCP Arturo P. Rosaroso Jr.
Rotary Club of Imus

Much has been said about leadership. Research and studies have proved successful leadership techniques. Books and articles tell us a lot about effective leadership. Experts show many ways by which a leader can truly be successful in managing or controlling people.

One style may be effective for a certain leader but could be quite inadequate for another. I think there is no “one-size-fits-all” technique that can guarantee a 100 percent successful leadership, but life itself has taught me what leadership is all about. These realizations serve as my standards in the performance of my leadership calling.

Leadership is all about Service.

My role model of the most effective leader is Jesus Christ, the greatest leader of all. Servant leadership is how I want to influence people to act according to the principles of a true Rotarian. I believe that we can make a difference in the world and in the lives of others by becoming effective servant leaders. A great leader is willing to work with others and allow them to make decisions that will lead to achieving the team’s goals.

Leadership takes strong motivation.

A leader must be motivated to motivate people. My experiences as a frontrunner in education taught me that a strong sense of purpose and inspiration helps people succeed in any small or big undertaking. We just have to find the right purpose to keep moving. And you know what? I found out that the best motivation is goodwill and true friendships.

Leadership requires communication.

Communicating one’s target is one good way to relay what a leader wants his members to achieve. The ability to properly deliver messages to inspire people to act is a skill. But a good listening skill is also a vital element of a communication process. A leader who is perceptive of his members’ voices and a leader who is willing to hear others’ truth with respect and understanding is the leader who delivers.

Leadership is about legacy.

A true leader leaves something enduring for future leaders and members to emulate. A good project that changed many people’s lives. A program that created a big impact on the lifestyle and culture of fellowmen. Or it may be just the legacy of respect, love, and inclusion that will be passed on for generations. A good legacy of serving people with truth, honesty, and fairness in the spirit of goodwill and true friendships and looking after the benefits of all concerned will immortalize a leader.

In my new journey to another leadership stint, l may stumble every now and then. But l know that by the support and cooperation of our people and by God’s grace, we will achieve. Let us just keep in mind that leadership is all about service, motivation, communication, and legacy.