Note from the Editor – October 2021

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There are many versions of the quote “If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

Rotarians accomplish this and more. We innovate our service projects through the years from traditional giving to online selling. Long before sustainability became a modern-day call to action, volunteers have been creative in adapting, even with higher risk now with the health situation.

At present, community pantries represent the power of collective action to address deficiencies. Time-tested activities such as livelihood programs, calamity responses, literacy projects, and disease prevention continue to succeed in the marginalized sectors we serve.

Our October issue features the most diverse and heartwarming set of stories. As much as we plan and execute, let us synergize with inputs from stakeholders and lessons from evaluations. What propels us to do better are not just the material donations, but more of the journey to the grantees in schools, farms, and hospitals. Once the beneficiaries smile at us, we know we did something good.

I advocate for the right intentions in the name of service. We avoid those who profess and fail to deliver. We strive to fulfill our obligations to uplift the communities with viable programs. We partner with reputable institutions for genuine change.

There are perspectives on being a little fish in the ocean when it comes to volunteering. Some acts seem grand with an environmental project for an entire barangay, while others focus on a person who needs legal assistance and a pacemaker. What balances these acts of service is the generosity of hope.

There is always that one captivating volunteer story that puts things in perspective and validates our efforts. I invite you to read all the stories and choose your favorite. When you do, bring it to life.  Share with your members, families, co-workers, strangers even, for us to mutually create better realities.

The truth in measuring impact in service is deeply personal and communal. As long as we develop societies with our core values, we are living proof of humanity in action.