Note from the Editor – November 2021

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This is our milestone.

We have achieved 100 pages of essential stories about service. We feature the most significant club and district activities that honor The Rotary Foundation. We also pay tribute to great leaders and COVID survivors. We commend the united and tireless Rotarians in their areas who help communities all over
the country.

Each narrative is proof of how we execute People of Action by ending Polio and life-changing projects via District and Global Grants. Each photo tells thousands of lives changed when Rotarians and partners commit. Each project is an invitation to uplift communities as we give them the gift
of hope.

I am humbled and grateful to present to you this collection of life experiences from the dedicated Rotarians of District 3810. They always go beyond online meetings and single donations to take action for various goals of peace, health, and literacy. Their financial contribution enables the success of each sustainable project.

The value of a project begins with immersion until the construction of toilets and handwashing facilities. It is continued by teaching ways to improve habits. A much-needed medical check-up transforms individuals and communities into
a healthy living space. They then become more knowledgeable and safe. Our beneficiaries are inspired when they see a Rotary logo on the vest and banners because they associate our branding as genuine assistance. We highlight a variety of acts of goodwill and friendship in this issue. The active members of District 3810 have been doing their share in reaching out to long-term partners and establishing new ones through the leadership of District Governor Robert Koa. The District Rotary Foundation Committee led by PDG Connie Beltran has been proactive in their campaigns with innovative

As we adopt new ways of helping, let us be cognizant of our intentions. Only when we reflect on our sincere purpose will we be able to realize the impact of altruism.

A true service milestone is doing good in the world for today and especially for tomorrow.

Yours in Rotary Service,

SDG Kenneth Jamandre
RI D3810 | RY 2021-2022