New Leadership, Enduring Membership: Dedication for the betterment of others


LCP Rolando Dilidili

It has been over a year since we began our fight against COVID-19’s fatalistic threats. We have come a long way in our search for a long-term solution to the epidemic. We have somehow completed the loop by ensuring that all of mankind has access to a medically viable first line of defense in the form of vaccination.

In addition to advocating for a life free of Coronavirus, we have developed our first project to assist the community, particularly those who are most poor. The “Padyak Pangkabuhayan Project” was created by the entire Rotary Club of Imus Independencia with the goal of providing the recipients with an improvised rolling store made from a cycle rickshaw for their mobile selling and retailing small-scale business.

This initial project offering serves as a catalyst for all our members to further strengthen our group’s objective, which is to influence others to make positive changes in their life.


To help us achieve this goal, the group had its regular meeting on June 19 with the primary goal of ensuring the project’s long-term viability. Accepting new members was also one of the key goals for increasing the rotary’s capacity, especially since August is designated as Membership and New Club Development Month.

The Rotary’s effort, which is based on this visionary organization model, aims to establish a broad pool of problem-solvers who envision a world where people unite and take action to achieve permanent change across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves. Our fundamental values, which are imbued with modern leadership ideas, are becoming an increasingly significant component in strategic planning since they guide the organization’s leadership intention and direction.


Henceforth, new membership to the Rotary club matters. To remain dynamic and effective, every Rotary club requires a well-designed membership development action plan. The strategy guide for clubs has a variety of material to assist us in attracting new members and keeping existing members active and engaged. It is Rotary’s lifeblood, because the more members we have, the better our chances are in “Changing Lives” in our community and around the world in the midst of the pandemic Recognizing that membership recruitment and retention techniques vary by district of the province, the club’s endeavor boils down to each member’s desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Each club initiative has the potential to make a difference in the lives of its members and recipients. Its helpfulness now depends on how people maintain the community’s long-term effects.