My Aspirations as a Life Changing President

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LCP Carmelita F. Gawaran
Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor

I am Carmelita F. Gawaran, the Life-Changing President of the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor. I am currently the Officer-In-Charge of City Livelihood of Bacoor, Administrator of R.E.V.I.L.L.A. Center, and Center Manager of Negosyo Center-Bacoor. I was elected President-Nominee in 2018 after having been a club member for a few years. I gracefully accepted the position due to my friends’ influence and support.

Because of the nature of my work, I am inspired by the previous projects organized by the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor, especially the Global Grants. They motivate me to think of outstanding and innovative projects for my club during my term. I want to extend Rotary’s projects and programs to people who are in most need of them. This way, the stigma about the Rotary Club being exclusive to rich people will be diminished. I want to reveal to people the real intention of the Club, which is to serve and change people’s lives.

My main goal as the new President is serving and helping the community, focusing on persons with disabilities, senior citizens, persons deprived of liberty, and those in the urban community. In line with this, here are our programs for this Rotary Year:

  • Livelihood Training and Community Service Projects;
  • Health Care Programs such as free eyeglasses, vitamins, wheelchairs;
  • Agriculture Programs like backyard gardening and tree planting activities; and
  • Technical and Vocational Education & Business Seminars.

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Through these activities, the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor will help various organizations in the community regardless of their age, gender, status in life, and disabilities. As I see it, the programs of Rotary can be life-changing not only to the people who were helped by the projects but also to us as part of the Rotary Club. Rotary has both broadened and deepened my perspective in life. As Rotary International President Shekhar Mehta said, “Caring for and serving others is the best way to live because it changes not only other people’s lives but also our own.” I stand by this statement as the new President of Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor.

I am glad to have the chance to lead this all-women Rotary club because giving service creates a more significant impact on the life of both the giver and the receiver. It gives me incomparable happiness when I see lives that were changed because of our programs. I hope that the Almighty God helps me achieve my aspirations as the new Life Changing President of the Rotary Club Hiyas of Bacoor.