Membership Development Committee … Training and Fellowship

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SDG Len Hao
MDC Vice Chair

Dreams planned and worked for are the ones we can achieve as the  realization of a planned goal is always through its action. On top of  individual’s busy schedule and the limitations brought about by the  pandemic uncertainties, the Membership Development Committee  (MDC) led by our Chairman Past District Governor Lyne Abanilla has  successfully achieved what we planned for.

The idea of being  innovative in the presentation of our second handbook entitled  “Membership Retention Strategies” is welcomed by awesome  appreciation. Instead of the usual long text articles to read, we come  up with the idea of making it like a magazine that is very interesting to  read. From simple cartoon stick people with a speech balloon, we use the faces of the whole MDC Team and converted it via an  application called viola. We asked some questions and gave a guided  answer. It’s our way to share information with entertainment and  as my gratitude to all members of our team to make it as our  souvenir for the year we served best. The energy and effort of the  MDC Team show how we value our organization to  maintain its prestige and how we value the position entrusted to us  by our District Governor. With the kind of support Governor Robert  Koa gives, we work with our names on the table and always looking  forward on the next offering we can give.

Retention has always been a global problem to any organization and a humanitarian organization such as Rotary International is never  spared. We are all volunteers in the first place with the kind of a  volunteer status that is very different from others. It is a  challenge to make a member stay and this comes from its root we  call “our club.” The strength of membership retention should  definitely come from the club. Taking care of every member’s  confidence to what a club does, to how members are cared for and  to how they meet their expectations will make them stay.

With the use  of our second handbook prescribed and with the help of the Club  Health Check, it is possible to achieve a high retention rate. MDC  holds its strong faith that our handbook can help in the retention of  Rotarians from the 111 and 4 satellite clubs we have. Our district membership remains strong with a very few membership termination  as of this date. It is no longer the financial difficulties as the top  reason but with the untimely demise of Rotarians we lost from the  COVID 19 disease. We appreciate all club efforts in making their  members engaged, inspired and enjoy their membership that makes  them ‘not just stay but active’ in every endeavor.

The MDC has its focus on these factors and so we thought of  launching our second handbook via an in-person Training with Fun  Fellowship. It was successfully attended by over a hundred Rotarians  held last November 7 at the Tierra Verde Ecofarm in  Maragondon Cavite. The program started with the registration  with Zumba dancing as a warm up exercise while waiting for others  and followed by a guided tour around the ecofarm. The truckload of  unli buko sponsored by the host club was a delight with the cheese  bread topped with salted egg as our snack refreshed us from the tour.  The launching took place at the open convention hall with our MDC  Retention Head Past President Rolando “Rolly” Tiongco as the  presenter. The brief presentation worked as planned with our  speaker’s expertise and was followed by the distribution of  handbooks to all Life Changing Presidents and Membership Directors  present.

As promised, the brief training course was enjoined by fun  games and lots of surprises. The excitement was too high as it  involves physical activities like running to and fro sites for the “bring  me” items, the dance and a runaway walk with their Rotary’s favorite  motto. 82 prizes were given away from the Rotary Club of Cavite  East, the RCC of Dasmariñas Cavite, LCP Cynthia “Chai” Mercado of  RC Rosario and from Smart Communications. The fun fellowship day  ended with the grand salo salo from almost all Rotarians who  attended, with the packed lunch, native lechon, teriyaki fish and pork  blood stew with puto.

On behalf of the MDC Team, I would like to thank each and every one  who attended and appreciated the MDC efforts. The day ended  happily with the very admiring support from the Rotary Club of Cavite  East headed by LCP Luis “Chito” Bognot as our host club partner.

Special thanks to the MDC Team, to Governor Robert and spouse  Arlene, ExeCom members and other district officers present, Club  Membership Directors and other Rotarians and to the Life Changing  Presidents of District 3810.

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