Membership Development Committee … Sharing Initiatives  

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SDG Len Hao 
MDC Vice Chairman 

Every organization has a committee that focuses on a specific membership goal. Such is the Membership Development Committee (MDC) of RI District 3810 led by Past District  Governor Lyne Abanilla. We are a group of Rotarian Past Presidents who were appointed to voluntarily work for membership functions. Entrusted by  our District Governor Robert Koa to be in charge of the legislative-like  process, MDC monitors ongoing operations in membership suitable  for an evaluation to every club membership’s development and  progress including retention that needs more concentration and an  in depth action.

MDC continues to innovate planned actions and strategies to  enhance programs to suit for each year. To be part of the MDC is a  tough challenge in attracting and engaging volunteers who are willing to give their time, talent and  treasure. We encourage every club to adhere to RI  President Shekhar Mehta’s challenge to BRING ONE, EACH ONE. It  may not literally mean to double our membership count but extending  the invitations to our valued friends and families who we think is best  to be part of the Rotary.

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Sharing awareness is important  as appreciation comes from knowing. We add prestige to our  organization if we share our Rotary experiences and what Rotary  does to the community. By sharing that we proudly belong to the best  humanitarian organization, we can invite quality members to join us  and help us in bringing forth the good name of what Rotary is and  what it does. Serving humanity and humbly above self like our motto  “SERVICE ABOVE SELF” is a realistic challenge on who to invite and  why we must retain our longtime serving and valued Rotarians to an  optimum level.

Every member is important as the life of our  organization of volunteers. Having thrived for 115 years with 1.2 million Rotarians, more than 500 districts and 35,000 clubs worldwide, there is a more  pressing challenge to continually grow as we believe that “more  members means more hands” to serve and support the Rotary  Foundation.

MDC shares our initiatives to grow more so we can do more.  Membership addition is not all about invitations and campaigning, but we  campaign through our actions. We campaign for the Rotary’s core values and practice. We lead by example and we encourage  every member to be a role model. No other words can be uttered  best in attracting new and prospective members qualified to join with  the image and actions the way we live as a Rotarian.

The MDC’s first handbook shared entitled “The ABCs of Rotary Prior  To Oath Taking” is part of our initial offering. We thank each and every  club together with clubs from other districts who appreciated and  made use of it. We give thanks to the Life Changing Presidents and  Club Membership Directors for following the guidelines set by the  MDC and supported its rightful operations. We thus transformed and  changed for the better future of Rotary membership.

The launching of MDC’s second handbook entitled “Member  Retention Strategies” is scheduled on November 7 at the Tierra  Verde Ecofarm and Resort in Maragondon, Cavite. It is an in-person  training and fellowship for the club presidents and membership  directors. It is also open to club members who wish to join. The  huge open park with lots of trees to gives us fresh oxygen which is deemed  safe with strict protocol to observe. Hosted by the Rotary  Club of Cavite East led by Life Changing President Chito Bognot, this  is another shared initiative of the Membership Development  Committee which everyone is waiting for.