Membership Development Committee At Your Service

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SDG Len Hao

The start of the rotary year with the presentation of 238 new members from the initial 49 out of 115 clubs presented during the district handover and induction ceremony is a positive indicator that things will get better and better on the programs being carried by the membership development committee in trying to achieve its goals, mission and vision.

Equipped with the realizations we learned from the RI database on membership growth, our experience leads us to a better path in working with enthusiasm and high spirit. The diligence in working makes it all the hardest for any team to work but every part delivered fruitfully makes it all worthy on why we focus on the good effects it will bring to membership in general. The positive reviews from the distinguished Rotarians serving the longest time makes the MDC team more inspired to work. To be replicated by others is flattering but more than any appreciations received, the MDC will continue to focus on the important concerns on membership.


Addressing to how we were able to meet the challenges of transformation in opening doors of opportunity is a tough challenge that made us work extensively. We met the challenge short of a decimal point in the recruitment process but eventually lost towards the end of the term with the trends of retention in membership, a worldwide longtime concern. Stressing the importance of retention every now and then, the financial crisis brought by the pandemic situation played the major cause for it. District 3810 is still lucky and thankful because we did not suffer a tremendous loss in numbers like others.  The gain in membership contributed from the transformational year saved the loss toward its end. Comparing the first year of the MDC team is like a new business venture to equal investments with returns. Nevertheless, the new batch of the MDC team will continue the work and improve more on things that will positively help the membership. The Kumusta Ka Rotarian signature program will continue more extensively with the MDC visits to all clubs this year.

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It is a tougher challenge to serve on our second year. The support of District Governor Robert Koa counts a lot to boost our spirits as we continue to work dedicatedly at the MDC. The guidance of our MDC Chairman, Past District Governor Lyne Alano Abanilla and her straight leadership is clear on how to work and what to deliver. Expect the MDC team to work the whole year round as the committee is mandated by the Rotary International.

MDC delivered right on time its first task as the new Rotary year opened which was the creation of the ABCs of rotary prior to oath taking, inspired by the ABCs of Rotary authored by Clifford Dochterman, a past president of the Rotary International . Meeting the deadline on the production of the MDC handbook and the continuing updates of the MDC softcopy is our first salvo. Ongoing distribution of the printed MDC handbooks is supported by the Senior Deputy Governors of the 4 areas. Garnering a great number initially and more to come is the second as we closely monitor the district growth in the membership portal. The upcoming Membership Development Seminar scheduled on August 21 is the third priority alongside with the 4 schematic meets for the year. Last is the mandatory MDC visit to each and every club as a simple way of kumustahan to boost our retention program. As the MDC continues to innovate and implement the slow but humble change after our transformation, there is more adventure in life. Let us embrace it as there is always something new to learn. Membership perks comes simpler but there’s still one to remain as a surprise. The best perk MDC can offer is a hope for a happier stay in the district and prouder to claim that we are indeed a Rotarian in action and not by name only. In this manner, we will all be happy to serve in changing the lives of others and shine the good image of what rotary truly means and what it does.

The importance of membership as the backbone of an organization is hereby acknowledged where the members are the people supporting the Rotary Foundation and their integrity, diversity and core values build the image and stability of our worldwide organization, the Rotary International. Rotary stays because of Rotarians. Rotary lives because of Rotarians. Rotary’s image shines because of Rotarians. Equally important with its own tasks as we all know, it is still the Rotarians who run Rotary. With this, I pray for better understanding on why MDC needs to work hard in these challenging times.  Our output is measured by a number but whether we achieve it or not, God knows how we work and we pray for quality membership in bringing forth the good name of Rotary with the 4 Way Test as a guideline.
God bless Rotary! Thank you Rotarians!