Membership Development Committee: A Role to Play

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SDG Len Hao
MDC Vice Chairman

The development of a membership structure in any organization is not just an overnight job or even an over a year of work.  As long as the organization is running, it takes forever to ensure its lifelong stability and basically with membership. With the Rotary Club of Manila known as the first in Asia belonging to our district, being a part of District 3810 simply puts us in the lead among the 10 districts of Rotary Philippines. It is an advantage and makes one proud to mention that we are in the same district. The same thing goes for the Rotary Club of San Jose in Occidental Mindoro as the third oldest in the Philippines and in existence for the past 68 years. As happy as we can be, there is a reality on the level of performance on different grounds on how we are recognized which varies each year. 

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The Membership Development Committee or MDC under the leadership of Past District Governor Lyne Alano Abanilla with team members started its role to play with the acceptance of a task, welcoming it wholeheartedly as we gave our commitments with the dedication of our Time and Talent which is the Treasure we have and can live while working for membership and its development. The MDC appreciates the strong support given to us by our District Governor Robert Koa. With his TRUST bestowed and the words of support to whatever idea we come up with, our spirits are pushed to its highest peak. The Membership Development Committee’s ROLE TO PLAY can be expected the whole year round.

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MDC never stops in developing an Action Plan as a guide in performing our tasks. With the situations that change the trends of membership count, there is a need for us to redesign the development of membership strategies for its long-term engagement. Our designed program may be good for now but may not be applicable after some time just like in the past. Everyone assigned in the committee played its best role as I believed but as we evolve in these most trying times, we adapt with the necessary innovations and flexibility styles. 

MDC is proud to share that our district placed first in membership attraction as of the end month of

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MDC is proud to share that our district placed first in membership attraction as of the end month of August with 158 additional members net of membership count from the records of the Rotary International portal. Actual count by the end of August is 170 but delays in the portal update was expected.  As of September 13, our net total of additional members from the July 1 beginning is now 172. By net total, it means the net growth recorded in the portal. With more hands to serve in empowering clubs from the district, District Governor Robert Koa and his office together with the MDC Team, thank all Rotarian sponsors and Life Changing Presidents in helping our district in its membership tasks. It is every Rotarian’s obligation to attract prospective quality members who can join us in boosting up our district’s membership. The transformation things we learned and slowly adopting with the things we think say or do as true, fair, friendly, and beneficial makes it all easy for us.

We thank every attendee in the Membership Growth and Development Webinar conducted last August 21 via Zoom. We are happy for the updates on the Adaptive Practices and The Future of Membership Growth in the Philippines shared to us by Past District Governor Teotimo Reyes Jr. who heads the Rotary Membership in Zone 10. He was joined by our Membership Chairman / Assistant Rotary Coordinator for Zone 10, Past District Governor Lyne Abanilla with the 3As with a Heart on Orientation and Retention.  Past President Raymond Ciriaco who is a district gem, dubbed as a home-grown talent shared his interesting topic on Club Value Proposition. The webinar ended with the Membership Interactive Corner, a question-and-answer portion for interested and inquisitive attendees which gave them a surprise glass gift with a gold inscription of the Rotary logo from the MDC Team instead of the usual raffle draw. Participants who were attentive and stayed with their cameras on were also rewarded with the souvenir item from the team. Early Achievers Award were given to the top 3 clubs with the most gain with a gift certificate reward worth 2,500 each from the RM Face and Skin Clinic, our long time MDC supporter.