Members Gain while Eliminating Diabetes in a Community

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LCP Hildegardes Dineros

Economic development  may need to be defined according to the degree of dynamic productivity of a set population. The remaining balance as the produce gets consumed becomes the value that development can be measured with. But economy is about exchanges and it can only be considered positive if all subjects benefit not only from taking but also in giving. The power and value of a Rotary Club depends on the membership activity, convertible to economic terms and eventually financial gains.

RC Manila Cosmopolitan took the initiative of mobilizing its members in recruiting a community of non-Rotarian Diabetics, target beneficiaries of the service to change their lives while “Eliminating Diabetes”. The project rolls out “Heal Doc Best Experience”, an intensive virtual program that would not only usher in batches of  previously diabetic people gaining back quality lives as healthy non-diabetics,  but also putting an end to the vicious economic burden of maintaining the disease while the demise of tissues, organs and systems is progressing as complications and manifested illnesses. So, each member Rotarian is empowered to train the recruit to change to a positive lifestyle and shepherd the success to optimum sustenance. In doing so, the member gets compensated and more work means more economic gains. The recruit then gets the best bargain as savings are realized from a plugged financial leak as diabetes gets cured. There is a bonus however when productivity comes about after being rehabilitated: economic gain.

The Diabetes Community of Rotary Club of Manila Cosmopolitan is thus born and will grow in numbers as the people who get healed from the disease pay forward by recruiting more to be trained. The members of the Rotarian Community come now to educate and awaken the deceived by sharing the truth about eliminating the disease in the diabetic community. A perfect partnership is brought about by thorough understanding of what is at stake.

Whoever thought that personal health is a key ingredient to economic health. Truth be told that the value of economic activity is a function of collective community health. When the diabetic is sick, disabled and dysfunctional, productivity suffers and the economy weakens. Conversely, when all factors leading to diabetes are eliminated, degeneration stops and healing dominates. Economic development ensues when the healthy person spends health energy to regenerate and bring about material product and service.