Measures on Disease Prevention and Treatment amidst COVID 19

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LCP Janoden Gubat

The Rotary month of disease prevention and treatment in this pandemic COVID 19 is the most important thing to focus on since many communities, especially in rural areas which have less access to knowledge on how to avoid and prevent the spread of the virus. These health guides include proper hand washing, social distancing, eating healthy diet, careful food preparation, keeping self-immunized and maintaining a clean environment.

For the past two years, this pandemic resulted to deaths of which can be controlled as a communicable disease depending on a health practices such as:

  • Adequate sanitation, immunization, good shelter, clean water, and health workers trained in early diagnosis and treatment.
  • Affected people are particularly vulnerable to communicable diseases and its immediate consequences reduce resistance to disease because of malnutrition, stress, fatigue and so on.
  • Environmental health services are crucial in protecting public health and in responding to these outbreaks. Increase the ability to control communicable diseases and prevent epidemic by training health workers and conducting outreach programs in the identification and management of specific diseases that must be considered.
  • Strengthening health surveillance systems and practicing protocols for managing information on certain diseases.
  • Raising awareness in our community and address the need for early referral to a health facility.
  • It is also very important that all of us be vaccinated to reduce our risk of being infected with the disease.

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As a Life Changing President, I also encourage my friends and fellow Rotarians to be vaccinated to prevent our families from any contagious diseases like COVID 19. I also inspire my co-LCPs to educate and mobilize communities to control the spread of major diseases and support programs of the district and other clubs on fighting diseases and in response. We help thru co-hosting in cash or in kind by sharing protective shields or face masks, vitamins and other means as well as attending online lectures on disease prevention and treatment.

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The Rotary Club of Manila Quiapo Central has done several projects on disease prevention and treatment like distribution of medicines and vitamins to the residents of Quiapo Manila, donated vitamins and medicines to Quiapo Barangay 384 Botika ng Bayan received by Brgy. Chairman Khalil Pundoma, distributed alcohols and face masks to Disomimba Central Elementary School, Lanao del Sur received by their principals headed by Supervisor Ecsan Domaob , donated acrylic face shields to PNP Camp Crame Chaplain Service received by PGen. Jason Ortizo and co-hosted several projects from other clubs as well as webinars on fighting diseases.