“Literacy in Everyone’s Life…”

The Covid-19 pandemic brought different sectors to their knees and one of the sectors that it drasticly affected is the sector of education.  We all know that education is a key to success and without it life is like a locked door that we cannot open. When the pandemic came it closed the schools in the world and forced everyone to stay at home and education seems to hit a pause until the world finds the way to adapt to our current situation.  The pause made me realized how we took education for granted and made me think how important basic education and literacy education in a persons life that is why as a life changing president I made plans that emphasises the importance of basic education and literary .

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It is vital to teach the importance of learning and to educate people about the importance of literacy in everyone’s life to open their eyes on what difference it can bring to a person’s life. As the president of Rotary Club Hiyas ng Bacoor I want to be an agent of change to people’s lives. I together with the Rotary Club Hiyas ng Bacoor will provide programs like free livelihood trainings through R.E.V.I.L.L.A. Center to Persons with disabilities and persons deprived with liberty to promote inclusivity in education. I believe that education is for everyone and we need to do the best that we can do to give education to everyone that we can reach. Being also the Training Administrator of R.E.V.I.L.L.A. Center allowed me to witness the importance of education to change lives and it is my pride and joy to produce opportunities and success to the people that we trained in the City of Bacoor and that is why I aspire to lead the Rotary Club Hiyas ng Bacoor in this direction.