“Let the children’s laughter, remind us how we used to be”

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LCP Peachy Pasion

This song has been on my mind for quite some time now specially that just recently, a number of COVID-19 new variants were discovered to cause another surge of positive cases.

This dreadful pandemic has put a pause to everything we used to consider normal. Unlike to known disasters where we can stand back up, rebuild, and go back to the way we were, with COVID-19, we are left with no choice but to move forward living each day with fear because it is here to stay.

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Though with much hostile response from the public, it is still proper to give credit to our leaders’ effort with the vaccination drive and to the undying sacrifices of our health workers. Hearing news on how the numbers of people getting vaccinated are going up is the little relief we cling on to most times.

Us adults are somehow getting protection against the virus since vaccines are available but the ones that we really want to safeguard from the virus, the children, are yet to be vaccinated. It may take longer for us to confine our kids at home.

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It sure is a loving sight for us when our families and kids are stuck together 24 hours these past 22 months since the COVID-19 outbreak. But we know the darker reality of this, specially to us who grew up enjoying street games and playing with friends outside with just about anything, those happy days which we wish our own children could also experience. Truth is, we need to wait a little longer before we could hear again those unmindful but hearty and natural laughter of children enjoying the world outside of quarantine.

With that in mind, we dedicated our club’s recent activities for the children. There may not be available vaccines for them at the moment, but we can keep them safe and healthier with vitamin supplements. So, we distributed 500 vitamins to the following schools:

1.  Juan Sumulong Elementary School (100 bottles)
2.  Padre Burgos Elementary School (150 bottles)
3.  For undernourished students in Tarlac (100 bottles)
4.  CDC Day Care Center (50 bottles)
5.  Maricaban Elementary School (100 bottles)

Thank you to our whole club, once again we were able to carry out a fulfilling activity, I am sure we have wiped a little granule of fear from the kid’s parents with those vitamins.

We are uncertain if we are already halfway into seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but let us make the other half of that journey a chance to make each other stronger and healthier by looking after one another.