Jubilation after Eliminating Diabetes


LCP Hildegardes C. Dineros MD
Rotary Club of Manila Cosmopolitan

Eliminating Diabetes Host Clubs Fellowship Day
Heritage Hotel – December 4, 2020

“You are diabetic for life!” This is often heard from a physician whenever a patient discovers he has a condition called Diabetes Mellitus. “And you must be on maintenance medications, for life, of course!” Is this the truth that diabetes is incurable? It is not fair to the patient if the statement is false, and it is. Inappropriate and inadequate treatments never benefit patients with diabetes, hence its increasing prevalence despite all efforts at curbing the problem. This disinformation running for hundreds of years has to stop. When there is a beginning, there is an end. Diabetes can be stopped, cured, and eliminated. The body must undergo detoxification from sugar, a basic macronutrient that can act as a silent poison when taken in excess. Diabetes is a more real pandemic than COVID-19.

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The Rotary Club of Manila Cosmopolitan, headed by Transformational President Rico Lorredo, embarked on a soon-to-be Club Signature Project, aiming to end the misfortune of the misinformed. The good news is that “Eliminating Diabetes” is attainable. Thus in July 2020, the project was rolled out in four monthly webinars participated in by Transformational Presidents and Officers of RI District 3810 led by DG Leody “Odie” Tarriela and most especially listened to by the diabetic Rotarians. The main agenda was to transmit the message that the diabetic is responsible for developing the disease as one decides to take in sugar inappropriately. Blood sugar basically comes from sugar in food and drinks. In between the discussions and virtual fellowships, scientific information and truths were highlighted. The exit point of the program was to see the positive changes in the medical condition of the involved participants when they became subjects to the “Heal DOC Conversion Diet.” Added to this were the innovative and practical insights that can be shared with anyone in need. A challenging question: Will the diabetic treat excessive sugar in the blood or before it gets into it? Nutrition and exercise are mainstays in the management of diabetes.

In celebration of the success of “Eliminating Diabetes,” a huge face-to-face gathering for a night of fellowship and fun-filled Christmas Party happened last December 4, 2020, at The Heritage Hotel in Pasay City. In attendance were our Transformational Presidents and Officers.

“Eliminating Diabetes” is now elevated to be a district-sponsored activity of Rotary International District 3810. More excitement ahead!