JEPROCS Elect Officers for Life Changing RY2021-2022

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PP Omie Rocha

Life-Changing President, Peaches Pasion of RC Pasay Cyber City was elected as the 25th Chairman of the prestigious Joint Effort of Pasay Rotary Clubs better known as JEPROCS.

Last July 10, SDG for Pasay Operation, Melvin Ordiales called for a virtual meeting to discuss the monthly report templates and JEPROCS Election. The meeting was well attended by LCPs and Area Officers.

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JEPROCS was organized in 1997 after its Presidents jointly conceived such a unit that will help them unify the efforts of various Pasay Rotary Clubs in pursuing vigorously community and social projects for the benefit of people in Pasay.

JEPROCS is the umbrella organization of all the Rotary Clubs in Pasay Area with the sole purpose of promoting friendship and fostering fellowship amongst Pasay Rotarians. It has likewise strengthened Rotarians’ commitment to serve by jointly providing community projects not only to communities within the Pasay area but also outside where financial assistance and support are needed.

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From the time JEPROCS was organized, various community projects have been implemented for the benefit of the poor, such as medical/dental missions, distribution of rice and goods to the poor, feeding children that suffers malnutrition, responding to areas ravaged by disasters and calamities. Pasay Clubs have bonded together their resources in financial and managerial expertise to ensure the success of all their projects.

JEPROCS Elected Officers for the Life Changing RY 2021-2022:

Chairman: LCP Peaches Pasion
Vice Chairman: LCP Ramon Espera Jr.
Secretary: LCP Carisa Dano
Treasurer: LCP Mary Jane Sapico
Public Relations: LCP Emely Bonife
Auditor: LCP Miko Verson
Sergeant-At-Arms: LCP James Fielding
LCP Nielben Monterubio

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and members of JEPROCS. We wish them a fruitful and a meaningful journey in their Life Changing year.