Hope Through the Eye of a Needle

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LCP Mon Espera

Losing a source of livelihood specially in this time of pandemic brings a lot of anxiety, hopelessness, and sometimes depression. This is true especially if a family is depending on the breadwinner for support, not to mention the basic services like electricity and water that must be settled and the fear that these services will be cut off once they are not paid. These are exacerbated by the school requirements of internet and smartphones needed for online studies as face-to-face classes remain suspended.

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So, on November 16, the club turned over five high-speed sewing machines and accessory items to five qualified beneficiaries of Pasay City. This was made possible thru the District 3810 Grant given to the club by District Governor Robert Koa. The selection of beneficiaries underwent a thorough selection process and to do this our President Elect, Thelma Daquiaog, coordinated with the Pasay City Social Welfare and Development to scout for the neediest individuals who are already skilled sewers. Ten were interviewed by PE Thelma and Social Welfare Officer Ms. Leonor Loor to screen for the most qualified. They found it difficult and heart breaking that only five were selected when all of them could have been beneficiaries.

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The beneficiaries were all elated that they were bouncing with joy, and we could see their eagerness to really start sewing again. They are all skilled sewers, but each has a specialty. One sews dresses, another one barong and gowns, the other is pillow and bed cases, another is school uniforms, and the other is also school uniforms and rags. In the message of Ms Angelica Roa Yu, Head of the Pasay City SWD and Ms. Leonor Loor, they were reminded that they were given this grant and as such each one of them should share that blessing to others by not overcharging their clients. In fact, one of them has been contracted to sew a gown for the head of the Pasay City SWD.

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The agreement that they signed with the club is a life changing moment. When the first spool of thread is inserted through the eye of the needle and the high-speed motor starts to run and begins to stitch fast the garments they are sewing, that whir will surely bring them hope for new challenges and opportunities.