Health Webinar for Senior Citizens

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LCP Lita Gawaran

The pandemic has changed our normal lives. What seemed to be accessible at the tip of our fingers suddenly disappeared. One great example is the access to healthcare especially the children and the senior citizens who are not allowed to go outside. Since they are stuck in their homes, it stops them in doing their usual routines outside and these changes have effects on their health.

Good thing that medical services find its way to reach the people to give them the medical attention they need without the need to go to hospitals which is dangerous for the vulnerable sector. EKonsulta became popular to give medical services through the aid of technology and the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor wants to extend hands to the senior citizens of the City of Bacoor.

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Last October 14, together with the commendable ladies of and the Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor, I collaborated with the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs of the Local Government of Bacoor to gather 100 senior citizens and have them attend “Senior Citizen, Kamusta Ka” which is a webinar conducted to impart knowledge about the importance of being vaccinated.

The admirable guest speaker of the webinar Doc. Louie Pagtakahan, a family doctor who is also a dedicated member of Rotary, shared his expert opinion about the necessity of vaccine for every individual as it a way to protect their own selves and the people that surround them. Dr. Louie allotted time to answer the concerns and questions of the senior citizens about the effect of the vaccines against COVID-19. Online consultation also took place during the webinar which gave the senior citizen attendees an opportunity to consult a specialist regarding their medical concerns.

It warms my heart that in a simple way, we managed to bring joy to the senior citizens when they had the opportunity to consult their health concerns with a doctor. As a senior citizen myself, I am so glad that I had the opportunity to hold this kind of activity through the help of the ever-dedicated members of Rotary Club of Hiyas ng Bacoor to help the senior citizens to see a medical professional that could give a proper diagnosis about their health status and to treat their diseases properly.