Rotary District 3810 Governor Robert Koa

Rotary’s relentless commitment to fighting diseases and tackling global challenges in the health sector has shone hope on numerous communities, especially undeveloped and struggling ones. Although our organization’s main focus is eradicating Polio, Rotarians take on far greater responsibilities to create healthier communities. From setting up temporary clinics, leading disease prevention campaigns, constructing clean water and sanitation facilities, supporting health care workers, and providing medical resources, Rotarians have dedicated themselves to this noble cause.

For this month of December, I am delighted to share with you that our district has done its share in Disease Prevention and Treatment.

Last October, through the leadership of COVID 19 Prevention and Awareness Chair Past President Eric Tayag and in partnership with the Department of Health, we have rolled out a COVID 19 vaccination campaign for Rotarians and their family members. This program has assisted more than 160 Rotarians and family members in having their doses of available COVID 19 vaccines. As of date, we are in the process of planning more rollout schedules to accommodate more vaccination requests and reach herd immunity all at once by encouraging Rotarians to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, other clubs have began their awareness campaigns for prevalent diseases such as the Eliminating Diabetes campaign by the Rotary Club of Manila Cosmopolitan; Relay for Life – Cancer Awareness Campaign by the Rotary Club of Pandacan Manila; Leptospirosis Prevention Webinar by the Rotary Club of Manila Metro; Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign by the Rotary Club of JP Laurel Malacañang; and Health Polio by the Rotary Club of Manila Supreme 198.

However, the work against disease prevention does not stop here. We may have found ways to support this area of focus, but one of the best ways for us Rotarians to give more power to this cause is to contribute to The Rotary Foundation, specifically the Polio Plus fund.

For this Rotary Year, our district has a Polio Plus Fund Goal of $15,000. I am grateful for the clubs that have already given their contribution to the fund. That being said, I am also highly encouraging other clubs to do the same, not only to help our district reach its goals but also to help Rotary win its fight against this life-wrenching disease.

Rotary members take on efforts both large and small, and so for this month, I am challenging you to ponder on this question: What is your Rotary Club doing to focus your efforts on Disease Prevention and Treatment?

If you find yourself without an answer to that question, then there is no better time to create one other than now. Work with communities and ​​identify where help is most needed, then develop and enhance disease prevention and treatment projects according to these needs. Keep in mind that by our increasing dedication to fighting and preventing diseases, we are building a better future for many families, especially children.

So, Rotarians of District 3810, let us celebrate Rotary’s commitment to creating a healthier world. Together, let us serve to change lives.

Robert G. Koa
District Governor
RY 2021-2022