Gov Loy and Lady Karen Endowment Fund

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District Treasurer Ricky Ongchan

June 3, 2020 was a day I’ll never forget.  Shock and denial overcame me when I first heard of his death.  How can someone so young and so full of life die so abruptly?  I went through the motions of verifying through friends what happened.  Seeking to understand how a jolly simple man, full of passion to serve others, was taken from us unexpectedly.  Even with their narrations, it took me months to accept his passing.

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Eight months later, February 2021, I received tragic news his wife, Karen, followed him to heaven.

I can only imagine how hard it is for their son, Joaquin.

A seed of inspiration germinated at the back of my mind around April of this year. How can his friends in Rotary pay tribute to a great unselfish humble man?  How can we make their names eternally remembered?  After consulting with some past district governors, my plan took more shape and was ready for launch. The Gov Loy and Lady Karen Endowment Fund was hatched.

gov loy

What is an endowment fund?  Simply explained, it is a vehicle of The Rotary Foundation to commemorate someone forever. It is composed of,  at least, twenty-five pioneer contributors of one thousand dollars each.  Very apt, I thought!   The only hindrance is raising 25,000 U.S. dollars in this time of uncertainty and pandemic.

While at the office one day in July, I had some time to write down the names of Rotarians, district officers and Rotary Club of Ermita Manila members very dear to Gov Loy.  It was a long list containing fifty names , more or less.

October 2021 turned out perfectly as a  milestone month, I completed the list  and the collections for 27 donors. Just in time for Gov Loy’s birthday on October 31.  He would have turned 56.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 26 generous hearts.

From the district officers: Past District Mega Governor Charoy Marquez +, ChangeMaker Governor Ernie Choa, Best Class Governor Edmond Aguilar, Transformational Governor Odie Tarriela, LifeChanging Governor Robert Koa, District Secretary Edwin Chiu, Senior Deputy Governor for Manila Jardine Bautista, Past Presidents Johnson Tan, Anthony Chua and Eric Cochingyan.

From the Rotary Club of Ermita Manila: Past Presidents Ding Ferreria, Eugene Tan, Jeremiah Belgica and Ms. Maricon Bigcas.

From the Great Presidents : Marcia Sadicon, AKS Bing Carrion, Earl Tan, Jhen Garcia, Edison Ayroso, Naomi Lachica, Rotary Club of Manila Bay, Rowena de la Cruz, Fe Osting, Kim Refuerzo, Sairah Mandia and Susan Chong.

“The things  you do for yourself are gone when you’re gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.” – Ndukwe Dike Kalu, American football player