Go Digital ASEAN: How Rotarians can Harness the Power of Social Media

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LCP Rex Pajenado

The impact of social media is incipient today but could eventually exceed the declarations made in advance by the industry’s most gutsy visionaries. Businesses that earnestly examine with ingraining a social media ethos and competencies in their business processes will revolutionize their relationships with customers and conceive importance in unforeseen ways. Businesses that invested early to harness the power of social media claim high returns, with still larger gains anticipated to be on the way.

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Targeting developing communities across the Philippines, the Go Digital ASEAN initiative is designed to equip micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and Filipinos with digital skills and tools; expand economic opportunity across the country; and minimize the negative impact of the Covid-19 crisis. Social media can also be an effective channel in promoting the brand of Rotary of Service above Self through sustainable projects and to reach more potential Rotarians and to grow more. Graced by the presence of District Governor Robert Koa, the Rotary Club of Manila Fort Santiago together with the 32 co-host clubs spearheaded another successful online digital skills training last August 30 with the Go Digital ASEAN’s senior trainer, Mr. Zeus Oliveros as the resource speaker. Around 70 Rotarians, senior officials of RI District 3810, Life Changing Presidents, and club members attended the online training and participated in the workshop and discussions on Harnessing Social Media to Expand Your Business.

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This course provided the participants with the tools and skills to access, maximize and create an online and social media presence. Topics are the practical tools and conceptual aspects that can help enhance and widen a small business reach to effectively participate in the digital economy. The fundamentals and importance of creating effective content, including the basics of branding and branding tips, online marketing, and customer service concepts are also discussed. It also includes a detailed discussion on the essentials of content management, content planning and strategy, and online safety and protection.

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Social media is a genuine game-changer, no matter what stage you are in, you can reinvent your online presence, maximize your use of social media platforms and improve your results. Social media is a powerful tool for branding and a part of the larger communication strategy for Rotary and it also needs to be a part of the strategy for zones, districts, and clubs. It is every Rotarians responsibility to promote the story of Rotary to everyone through social media.